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J.X. Marketing Intern Testimonial

I am J.X., I am originally from China and I am a summer marketing intern at ALB PC.

Q: Where do you study?

A: I study at New York University at SCPS Master Program.

Q: And what are your goals career wise?

A: Career wise I want to work in marketing expertise and in few years to become the manager of a marketing department.

Q: Did you get the experience you wanted from this internship?

A: Definitely, I learned about SEO content migration, also doing the new website.

Q: What was your role at ALB PC?

A: I worked as a marketing intern in a team of six people, helping migrating from old website to new website.

Q: What kind of tasks did you perform? A little bit more specifically, what exactly you were doing here on a weekly basis?

A: Mainly I am doing the content migration for the website. I also did social media like YouTube, uploaded videos.

Q: How did the firm help you prepare for this tasks? Did you receive any training?

A: Yes, I was supervised by Nicole, she trained us on a daily basis. Also I had two hours intro session on SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  expert.

Q: What have you learned from this experience?

A: I learned about SEO, how to make a website, how the client can search a key word and also I learned how to manage the YouTube account.

Q: And how would you describe your experience here at ALB?

A: I really enjoyed it, everyone here is really nice. I felt as a member of the firm.

Q: Can you tell us about the type of tasks you enjoyed here more than others?

A: The part of doing the new website is very exciting. As the migration goes I work with the new website and it goes well beyond the website, it shows you a whole new world, not only clients but other people need to see it, I make contribution to the website.

Q: What skills did you learn here at ALB that will help you in the future?

A: Working on the content is a good skill set. Also, Excel because we work a lot with excel sheet.

Q: How do you think this internship will help you further your career? You said you were getting Masters at NYU, what is your Masters in?

A: Integrating Marketing, it’s also focuses on Marketing, very related to a detailed part. So if I want to get a position with detail marketing, it would be very helpful.

Q: And do you have any comments to future interns about working here in general?

A: I think this is a very good place for interns to get some hands on experience and do something. And there are lots of, learn from Nicole, she would teach you a lot of things, she is very patient.

Thank you.


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