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“The Thing That’s Very Attractive About Working Here Is the Mix of People.”

A:My name is Jeffrey Metz, I am one of the partners at the firm and I run our appeals division. I’ve been doing appellate work for more than 30 years, and have done appeals in all the state courts, the state appellate courts and several federal courts as well.

Q: Why do you believe Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. is a great place to work?

A:The thing that’s very attractive about working here is the mix of people. We have – along with myself – three or four other, I would say, seasoned attorneys for lack of a better word, together with young, up and coming, attorneys that were sort of taken from the top of their class, fairly eager to learn.

I had a practice and what is nice is that the senior guys are very generous with their time and everybody sort of works together and there’s a good symbiosis that really ends up I think serving the client in a special way.

Me, myself I have learned a lot about different aspects of real estate law that I hadn’t known before. I’ve learned some technological stuff from some of the younger people here. And, you know, I hope that I have been able to impart some of the experience that I have gleaned over the years to some of the youngsters as well.

What’s very nice here is there’s a collaborative effort. I mean, every case that I work, I work with an associate, sometimes two and sometimes I’m working with a partner and associate depending on the nature of the project. So theirs is input and there’s a lot of people with different specialties bringing different ideas in there. So, sometimes getting another set of eyes on a set of papers or another person in brainstorming gives you an opportunity to discover more arguments than you might come up with yourself.

Q:What are some of the best aspects of working at Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C.?

A:What I think, what I like about this place is if I was a young attorney doing this, it’s – you get the scholarship of the white shoe firm here – but I think for a younger person instead of being sort of stuck in a closet for years looking at discovery requests and things like that we get our attorneys involved pretty much right from the beginning. So you are getting with the senior partners here with all that different specialties, you are getting a taste of trials, appellate work, motion practice, transactional, all that kind of stuff. And for somebody who is just trying to figure out where to go with their career, gives them an opportunity to see if one particular area is where they want to specialize or not. And if it’s – and you also get thrown into court fairly quickly too – which is something that other firms, I know for sure, does not happen to the people.

You make your own opportunities. Like I said, there’s a lot of really talented people here and the better you do, the more the partners would want to work with you on future projects.

Q:What is the overall environment at Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C.?

A:What I like about this place as well is that it’s an informal atmosphere, I mean, even though there’s very high stakes work that’s going on here, I think that there’s still a level of – I don’t know what the word is – jocularity, maybe. Everybody is really kind of friendly.

Q:Is Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. and exciting place to work?

A: Well, I mean, I could say that I spent the bulk of my career at another firm where I was an equity partner and for the last five plus years I’ve been here, has been sort of resurrection of my career in terms of my intellectual curiosity and the kind of cases and people that we were working for, so it was very exciting on that level.

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