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“If You’ve Got a Law Firm That’s Aggressive… You Can Prevail on Your Case”

Onix Sosa, Property manager

To begin can you please state your name?

Onix Sosa

Could you briefly explain the situation or problem that led you to seek legal help? You can be as general or specific as you are comfortable with.

We manage residential properties in lower Manhattan and the Bronx and we have a property in lower Manhattan where there is a son of a deceased tenant of record who is claiming succession rights and we were convinced that he was not entitled to succeed.

What is the number of properties that you manage?

We manage approximately about 16 properties.

How many times have you had tenants in litigation?

We have tenants in litigation every month.

How many law firms have you used over the years?

I have managing properties for over 18 years and we’ve used…I have used over those eighteen years about nine or ten different law firms.

What results have you had with these firms?

Results are always pretty standard and most cases either the cases drag out needlessly or they are somehow settled in the hallway only to see the tenant again a couple of months later.

How did you meet Adam Leitman Bailey, PC?

I was referred by a business associate.

What were your first impressions?

Extremely confident…a leader in the firm and therefore a very confident firm.

In general, what did Adam Leitman Bailey, PC do for you?

In general, the firm just really took a very aggressive approach toward resolving my holdovers.

How did you feel about the process in which the litigation was handled?

I was very satisfied…everything from the investigative work to the administrative work preparing the case and then the representation in court.

Is there any specific case a tenant was demanding something out of the ordinary?

Yeah…in the case…the holdover in particular that I am thinking about the tenant was simply adamant that he would not leave and that as much as we tried to negotiate he just didn’t want to let go so we had to take him to trial.

What was the result of that trial?

We prevailed.

Are there any last suggestions or comments you would like to add?

Simply that one of the things that I learned working with Adam Leitman Bailey is that if you’ve got a law firm that as aggressive as the landlord is interested in being then you can prevail on your case.

Do we have your permission to post this on our website?

Yes you do.

Thank you.

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