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“Adam was fantastic reputation and he assured us that he can help us solve this without going into litigation” – Omar Yousif, Creative Director at NBC Universal

I am creative director over at NBC Universal and I wanted to talk to you guys a little bit about Adam Leitman Bailey’s firm. My experience with him began at about 2008. I am a first time home buyer. I purchased a new development in Long Island City. As most first time home buyers don’t know, the Sponsor/developer sometimes cut corners when building a development. Adam and his team came to us on strong recommendations from colleagues and luckily we were able to hire him to represent us and the condo board that we sit on. You know, no one really likes to go through these problems but Adam was great through the whole experience.

Essentially, we had water leaks, we had sod problems, bricks were falling from the top of the rooftop…he wasn’t paying his coop fees or condo fees, if you will, so the units had not been sold. I am going to find this tough…I think lots of developers cut corners and you end up in this awkward situation as a condo board where you don’t have enough money to actually make ends meet or you have to raise maintenance cost to cover things that most people in the building who just purchased their unit they feel like they should be covered. If you purchased a home and it has a leak you figured it should be under warranty.

Adam was great. He came to us. He has a fantastic reputation and he assured us that he can help us solve this without going into litigation and if we do we will get more than we can ever imagine…and that’s essentially what he did. He got us the superintendent’s unit for free without us paying. He got a lot of the repairs done for free. He made our building solvent which was great. We got a nice, huge check over $250,000.00 …which made us feel good. I highly recommend him. He is a very personable person but he knows how to be a bull dog with the person he deals with when you are out there trying to face litigation or face some kind of lawsuit. Hire Adam Bailey!

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