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“He is always there when you need him… He controls the situation.” – Tatyana Yazerskaya, President of a 1,576 Unit Mitchell-Lama Cooperative

“Adam Bailey P.C. is quick, highly professional and solves problems in short time. Client interest comes first.”

Tatyana Yazerskaya, President of a 1,576 Unit Mitchell-Lama Cooperative

I am one of the Director of Luna Park Housing Development for 1600 units. When I was looking for… a cooperator told me he interviewed many law firms including Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. Finally, we voted for Adam Leitman Bailey and what makes different Adam Bailey company is quick response, high professionalism, solve problems in short time, clients interests are first. Simple and friendly communications, reasonable rates. When someone recommended Adam Bailey I was told that if he starts to work on a case he will win. That’s right, he doesn’t like to lose.

So I am going to ask some follow up questions to that. Could you give any specifics some specifics as to why Adam Leitman Bailey, PC is so good at what they do?

Yes. I am glad to do it. We have been working together for almost eight months. This time was done a lot of work by Adam Leitman Bailey and his company. I would say it was done more than during the last eight years. We worked on this very important issue Local Law 11 project and he was successful. In two months he help us prepare to get the project from the union company. It was a significant movement from Adam Leitman Bailey. I was very impressed. He is always willing to be there when we need him. Every time we invite he helps us a lot. He controls the situation. Legally he explains directions and he gives important recommendations so there is always mistakes.

I heard you mention that he helps out at meetings?

Yes. As I said, he helps a lot. I really miss him when he is not in a meeting because it could be helpless.

I understand.

Has Adam helped you with any special loans?

Yes. He is working with us since he joined our corporation as our corporate lawyer and we are trying to lower the cost of our project and take less loans as possible especially at this tough time for the country and for the people.

Is there anything you would like to add? Any last comments?

Okay. I can add that I am happy and our workers are happy to work with Adam Leitman Bailey, PC and I would like to use your work at Adam Leitman Bailey. You will see that there is a difference and also I would like to wish you happy holidays, a healthy and a successful New Year and take care.

Thank you.

Do we have your permission to post this on our website? Of course, if it is attractive.

Thank you.

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