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“Here is the name of a really good lawyer … Adam L Bailey, his Fees are very reasonable and he is not Scared about going up against the City and will really work with you …”


A week after the illegally converted-for residential use warehouse 475 Kent Avenue in Williamsburg was evacuated by the city agencies, due to the building violations including an illegal matzoh bakery (and combustible grains being stored in the basement), the building will be padlocked this afternoon at 4PM. There will be a “solemn observance of the shutting of the great arts community,” according to a press release we received. More details;

Come and show your support for the 200+ displaced tenants of 475 and the live/work community as a whole. There will be Press Conference at 4:30 pm.

This is not a protest. It is a witness. Bring cameras, bring candles. It is a peaceful demonstration of solidarity and proof that the world is watching the City of New York’s attitude towards its creative citizens.



475 Kent Avenue ( corner s.11th street)

South Williamsburg

Brooklyn, NY 11211

Please do NOT congregate at the front door. Gather across the street.

There are suspicions that the building was evacuated because a developer wants the building to be empty and ready for a legal conversion. The current tenants had been attempting to legally convert the building and would have been eligible for rent control. The 475 Kent Avenue Tenants Association voice their suspicions in a lengthy press release.


Response- Vladfire

Okay well I gotta comment on this one and give you all some useful info as well. So first of all you need to know that the possession is 9/10 of the law and when you are faced with a situation like this one you DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PLACE CALLED HOME!!!, you barricade yourselves inside and make it almost impossible for the evil ones to enter! Then as in the above mentioned comment you start your resistance and let them all know that you are here to stay and then if all else fails you yes all 200 of you get together and slap the city with one big lawsuit and go back into the building and re-take your homes and start over again.

Yes there was a time long ago that I myself had to go through this same routine back in the LES and believe me we battled hard against the cops, fire dept, buildings etc, and you know what?, we saved many of our buildings and yes we lost a few as well but not without a very fights and just to show you all you can win but it will take militance, resistance, force etc, and not to some passive vigil cuz all they are gonna do is laugh at you and as far as local politicians go well good luck on that one as they only want to make themselves look good for their next election, they came out for 1717 troutman and what has really happened since then? Not a whole lot.

People wake up!!!! It is time to make this Government work for us as it should be and not the other way around, don’t let them brainwash you and fill you with fear!

Here is the name of a really good lawyer…. Adam L Bailey , his fees are very reasonable and he is not scared about going up against the City and will really work with you, he is located in Manhattan and can be reached @212-825-0365 or fax #212-825-0999.

For any future attempts of this highly illegal practice of evictions I recommend that you take real action as it will speak a lot louder than words, I know I have been there and it works.

Best of luck to you all!!!

BTW many of the buildings that we battled for are still occupied to this day! By the people who fought for them.


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