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“Dependable, confident, fair… The outcome of the settlement exceeded my hope”

“I was more than happy with the settlement and thought it was a great job done by the firm and all the people involved.”

Steve Pirozzi, Former Tenant and Property Owner

I contacted Mr. Bailey and his firm specifically because I was living in an apartment building, a brownstone, that was going to be sold and I was told that basically I had no choice but to leave at the end of my lease and I wanted to find out if that was correct or not and what my legal standing was.

How did you initially find Adam Leitman Bailey PC?

Through word of mouth. Friends who are lawyers recommended Mr. Bailey as being a good strong firm.

Was there anything notable about the firm’s strategy that you believe was integral to the success?

Anything notable about the firm’s strategy?

Were they creative, were they…did something out of the ordinary that you wouldn’t think a lawyer would do normally?

I think that Mr. Bailey and the rest of his firm, his associates and other partners worked very hard work to work with the evidence that I provided to them in order to strengthen that evidence and use it to the best of whatever we had there to come up with a strong case and a strong position.

I understand we reached a settlement. Could you please tell me a little bit about that?

The apartment that I was living in was basically it was in a brownstone and it represented about 10% of the rentable space in the brownstone and the settlement we got which was $650,000.00 represented more than 10% of the sale price of the building so I was more than happy with the settlement and thought it was a great job done by the firm and all the people involved.

What was your initial…I know that you just briefly touched on it…What was your initial reaction… How did you feel when you first heard about the settlement?

When I first heard about the settlement? Well, we had been on an on-going negotiations so it had been nip and tuck shall we say, or who was bluffing who…who was going to give in…so when I finally heard that we had agreed on a number it was…I was real happy obviously…quite happy. Since the settlement exceeded what my hope was….real happy.

What adjectives would you use to describe the firm’s potential future clients?

I would say dependable, confident, more than confident, fair, willing to work with their clients because we had different times when I wasn’t as knowledgeable as maybe I should be or didn’t know certain things and they worked with me to explain tactics, to work on tactics to figure out what we were going to do and how we were going to proceed and work together to come out with a great result.

If you had to sum up your whole experience in just a few words or wanted to add anything else what would you say to Mr. Bailey and the firm?

Thank you very much. The outcome of the settlement exceeded my hope and I look forward to the first night living in my own apartment without…fully paid for and without any mortgage payments or anything.


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