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“It Was a Difficult Trial. a Difficult Case, but We Won.”

Could you briefly explain the situation or problem that lead you to seek legal help?        

You can be as general or specific as you are comfortable with.

I got a big big problem. We invest money in furniture store and partner become…during our partnership for a couple of months we found out he is the biggest crook in the world. It’s a lot of illegal activities there…a lot of fraud, counterfeit furniture and unhappy customer. He doesn’t pay taxes. He just took our money, and all money, customer money and he loved cash very much.

But our problem was when we invest money to recoup, we never consulted a law firm and it was a out of this place. He did not want to return our money. He said we have no contract; we have no proof that we give him money. We left. When we left his place, we come to Adam Leitman Bailey law firm. It was a very difficult fight, but we won.

And how did you meet the firm?
I met the firm through my son. He has the best…faster eviction…in two weeks. Adam did for him. And I knew his reputation already because he did an excellent job for my son and I also come to his office for Adam.

And what were your first impressions of the firm? When you first met them?

It’s professional. It’s very professional…and I cannot explain…its really professional people. I see how they handle jury….we had a trial today which we won. It was a jury trial…we won completely. We have a victory today and I am very happy.

What did Adam Leitman Bailey P.C. did for you?

He makes us the happiest people in the world.

And you had to go to trial with your case? To court, you had a jury trial, you had a jury trial?
Yes. We had a jury trial. It lasted for three (3) days for a jury trial. Today, it was a verdict and we are very happy. We have completely victory. It was a difficult trial…a difficult case but we won.

And what did you think of Colin Kaufman’s arguments during that trial? Could you explain Colin’s role in it?
He is very, very professional. He is….I cannot explain how he is professional. How he knows how to present case. How he knows how to talk to the jury. He is…there are no words how he is professional.

So overall, would you say that the trial was successful correct?

It was a victory for us – 100% victory.

Are there any last comments that you would like to add before we finish?
I have no words to say. I am very excited and for us it’s a big victory…it’s a case for six years…but we won.

Six years?

Six years this case was. It was a very difficult case. If it would not…other bigger law firm, I think we would not win this case.

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