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“They Held Our Hands Through It. They Made Sure That Our Grievances Were Addressed.” – Founder and Owner of Motorino Pizza

My partner and I opened up a pizzeria in Brooklyn, on Graham avenue, a few years back and unfortunately the city came one day and took down the building and our pizzeria with it, and we were looking for someone to help us, represent us because we had a case of grievances against the landlord, and that’s how we ended up getting Adam Bailey’s name, he came recommended to us, to my partner. We’ve been working with Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C., and from the beginning this was a complicated case with a lot of moving parts. The original landlord sold the building during the process of the case, so the mortgager changed, a lot of things in the case changed along the way. Adam helped us get through this so we could get justice for our claims and our losses when this building was taken down. We had a successful pizzeria at the location, and of course it was a big grievance for us and we watched it very closely. In the end, Adam took this seriously enough, they held our hand through it and made sure that our grievances were addressed.  That the things that were concerning us were addressed. Today, we ended up settling the case to our satisfaction. We got at least the best that we could get out of a bad situation, when you pour your sweat into a place for nine months to build it, there’s nothing that replace that. But getting a little financial recompense for what happened was satisfactory for us.  I felt that he was always there when we had a question, he answered right away, which is something that I personally appreciate, and I like to work that way. A lot of the legal ramifications, the things that we had to deal with, stuff beyond by understanding as well handled by them, and they were able to distill the information down to me, that I could make the decisions along the way that I needed to make so we could get where we are today. So, I’m happy with the results. We were happy with the logistics, of the response, and I think, without knowing the technicalities, we got the best we could have expected from this case, so we are very happy.

Q. Would you recommend Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C.?

Yes, to someone who is in the same type of situation as us, yes I would recommend it.

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