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“They Got the Work Done That Needed to Be Done When Nobody Else Would.” – Coop Board President

I live in the building. It’s on the Upper East Side. I was the President of the HDFC but then our Treasurer left and we thought it would be more secure if I was the Treasurer and I handled that and I’m doing that now.

We have a woman living in the building who is a very nice woman, who I like very much, but she has a lot of issues. She needs to use a walker and she goes down the stairs and she holds onto the railing and she gets into her chair and goes outside. We were concerned about her safety and the building being sued if she continued to move like that. She has her kids hanging out in the hall and calling the police and ruckus all the time. She’s very very noisy.

The woman who lived above me suffered from the noise and when she wasn’t home and I was home, I could hear them making the noise two floors above me. It was very intense. There was drug dealing going on in front of the building. It was a mess.

We saw Counsel to get her out of the building. We started making progress with your firm and since you have been on board and there has been a lot of positive changes.

He was just there. Whenever I had a question I would email him and he would get back to me right away. I would turn around and all of a sudden his answer was there already. He doesn’t fool around. He’s very very responsive and we’re not used to people treating us like that. He also worked with a tenant of ours who is $5000 behind in rent and he drafted papers for him to respond to.

They knew where to go to and who to go to, to get things expedited. Normally the lawyers haven’t even thought of doing that.

We have a camera in the building and we made videos of her and her family. He just knows what to do and does everything.

I’t’s like day and night. We had a lawyer that we hired on a monthly basis and he never seemed to get things done. He didn’t do his job. We were going through a lot of changes in the building and it was very difficult but they were available. Since given what we were used to, we were very very pleased.

Definitely, they did a very good job and were very responsive and got the work done that needed to be done when nobody else would.

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