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“I actually got to go to trial with Adam, that was a really cool experience.”

My name is Amanda G. and I am from Alexandria, Virginia, I go to school at Columbia University, I am 22 years old, and I was summer intern here at Adam Leitman Bailey.

Working at ALB was a really great experience, everybody was really helpful and really nice, I got along with everybody really well, and they gave me good tasks, they were always giving me something to do. I was never bored here. I was given real tasks, I wasn’t just making copies and do things that interns do at other law firms. And I got to go to trial with Adam himself, I worked a lot with Adam. I worked on his book, I did a glossary on his book and did a little editing for it. So that was a great experience having direct contact with the partner here.

My experience that stands in my mind is when I got to go to trial with Adam about the mosque case. It was really exciting because it was heavily publicized in the media, so it was very cool to see it in person and right up close. I was sitting in the jury box when I was there, so it was a very cool experience.

One of the best aspects of me working here was that I was actually… lawyers actually gave me tasks, lawyers would give me things to look over and helped them with, and it really made me want to pursue a career in law, which is why I was here to find out. And I definitely want to do that now.

I just want to thank Adam and the whole firm, I had a really great experience.

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