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“He will do it for you, he did it for me.”

Could you briefly explain the situation or problem that led you to seek legal help?         

Oh, I live in a Brownstone, it was rental, and the school next door which is Nightingale-Bamford School, bought the building, they plan to expand, so everybody in my building had to leave after 34 years there, here I am, I left.

Ok, and how did you meet the firm?

Through a tenant in the building, she said she went in to see Adam Bailey, and suggested that I go in, so I came.

And so you came in? 


Ok, and so what were your first impressions?

Oh, very good.

Very good, could you expand on them a little bit?

He was up and coming, a good fighter, and that’s what I like, someone who’s a good fighter, not who takes your name and says “alright we’ll call you back”.

Ok, and what did Adam Leitman Bailey P.C. do for you?

Well he got me a nice settlement, and of course it’s limited to the time that I should leave but he gave me an extended period of time to leave, also, so on the whole I’m very happy. Well all I can say now, and I’m very grateful to Mr. Bailey, that anyone who has trouble with a landlord, and all of this stuff, please come to Adam Bailey.


He will do it for you, he did it for me.

And I have a few more questions for you, how did you feel when you got the eviction notice?        

Oh, I could have dropped dead.

Now who did you work with at the firm here?

Oh, Carolyn.

Carolyn. Rualo. Rualo. Yes.

How did you feel about that?

She was very sweet, very nice, and always there.

Ok, and if you could say what the best thing, in general, that Adam Leitman Bailey P.C. did for you?

Well, they got me the settlement for me to be able to move. Ok.
Because I have not the money. Ok.
No Way.

Ok, any last comments?

Adam, I LOVE you. For helping me out, thanks a million!

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