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L.G. Summer Associate Testimonial

Hi, I am Lacey Garner and I am from Rutherford, New Jersey. I am currently at New York Law School and, at New York Law School, I am also an editor on the Law Review.

Did you get the experience that you wanted out of this internship at Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C.?

Definitely. I was able to determine that I am now more interested in litigation rather than Transactional work which is something that I really wanted to figure out and I figured that out pretty quickly upon coming here and I was also able to gain valuable writing experience.

What was your role at Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C.?

Well, I was an extern. But, unlike some people who worked only with the Transactional group and only with the Litigation group, I did a little bit with each group which I understand was really useful because that way I could figure out what I really want to do.

What practice areas did you get exposed to the most?

I think I had…it was actually, I got exactly what I wanted because I wanted to get a broader exposure to all the gray areas so again I did transactional work which involved preparing closing binders and other sort of work related to closings but then I was also able to work with the litigation group on like coop condo issues, landlord-tenant type of things and I was also able to either work on preparing motions, correspondence, notices and I was able to do a variety of things.

Can you describe your general experience?

My general experience was very positive. Everyone here is very friendly and its sort of – – its obviously a professional atmosphere but at the same time everyone is pretty casual and friendly and you are able to sort of feel right at home right away so that was definitely good.

What kind of tasks did you perform?

I performed really a variety of tasks so there were different things where I was, for example, preparing a closing binder doing sort of basic going through documents, and copying them and organizing them but then I was also able to get substantive experience doing legal research and writing and then I was also able to work on spread sheets either for preparing for the tables to be organized for the different discovery documents that we had or to do diligent report so it was really good that I was able to do really a variety of tasks.

Did you feel the firm helped you prepare to complete these tasks?

Definitely. People gave a lot of good instructions and I think because of the atmosphere here for me, I was so comfortable to ask questions and what was the best thing to do to help someone complete the task.

And which task did you enjoy the most?

I really honestly enjoyed all of them probably the stuff that I was able to do legal research and writing I enjoyed most so I got to that and I enjoyed some work with Adam on researching on articles and also I was able to work on preparing a motion and so pretty much legal research and writing.

Did you work with Adam directly a lot?

Mainly when I was just doing the research and writing assignment for him. But, I was also fortunate that I was able to have a desk for a while right here in his office which was good because I was also able to sort of see what he does and get more exposure to his management style so that was definitely also good.

What is the most memorable moments that you had at Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C.?

Well, actually the most memorable moment was when, one day, I went out to lunch with Adam and that was really nice to be able to just kind of spend a one to one time and getting his insight into managing a large firm and also just the legal practice and how he got to where he is now and what advice he can give to students and other incoming attorneys and so that was definitely very memorable and it was a great experience.

What would you say you have learned at Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C.?

I think that I learned that it is important to make sure when you are getting an assignment to ask questions and that was the first thing that I learned was to always carry a notebook because you never know when you are going to have an assignment and you want to be able to write everything down and that’s another thing make sure you write everything down and if you don’t understand something its better to ask the questions from the beginning because even though you feel comfortable to ask the question later its better to just ask it when you are getting the assignment so that was definitely an important lesson and, also I got to sort of be assertive and not be afraid to ask questions and not be afraid to seek out work to ask for feedback, so I was glad that I was able to learn those things.

Do you have any comments for future interns about working here in general?

Basically again, just be friendly, don’t be afraid to ask questions and look for feedback from attorneys and try to introduce yourself to people and talk to as many people as you can because then you will learn more about the firm, feel more comfortable and get a broader experience.

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