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“From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for getting me out of my disastrous legal mess…You, Adam, are the greatest negotiator that I met so far…””

Dear Adam:

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for getting me out of my disastrous legal mess in which I was for the last 10 YEARS!

Thank you, Adam, for saving me from a financial ruin. You, my attorney, stood by me during my worse legal misfortune. You insisted again and again to swallow the humiliation, to forget about my pride and my rights and do that you were telling me to do – “Get your money first”. As an attorney, you gave me a piece of advice that was against your law firm financial interest – to stop litigating and to settle.

You, Adam, are the greatest negotiator that I met so far. And I met many negotiators. I used to work for the United Nations as an interpreter. I translated negotiations. I am familiar with negotiations. But your style is different. And I am still laughing each time when I remember your speech at the meeting with the Board of Directors. Each one of them, being a big shot attorney himself, behaved like an arrogant peacock until you started to speak. Your speech was so aggressive that the members of the Board were sitting there like a bunch of chicks. None of them, just nobody, had the courage to stand up and to answer to you as an attorney to an attorney. They knew that they were acting wrong, but you was the one who let them see the future: the counterattack might come very soon and with very good chances for success.

I know that the process of negotiation was hard. I managed to alienate almost everybody: members of the Board, some neighbors, the Managing Agent, the previous Managing Agent, the lawyers. And one single person stood against all that army, – you, my attorney. And what was even worse – you had to fight with me also. You were telling me to sign the documents that you negotiated for me for my own good, but I was refusing (“my humiliation, my pride etc”). You had a very American answer to that: ” get your money first”. Dear Adam,

Once I signed the documents, I realized that you turned my drowning legal and financial situation from a looser + looser + looser into a PROFIT + PROFIT + PROFIT.

Usually, in real estate business, people make money when they buy a property.

Adam, thanks to you, I made a terrific profit on the sale of the property and the payment of the taxes, fees and related items. I saved money on legal expenses as well.

First, you negotiated and obtained for me the best possible settlement of my legal mess. You finished all my legal problems at once and left me free of problems.

Then, you found for me an attorney that works for you who was one of the most knowledgeable attorneys in closing: who knew everything under the sky about the transfer of the property.

Looking back at my legal mess and the way how you handled it, I would say that whatever you touched, Adam, you turned it into a profit for me.

I want to thank you, Adam, for refusing to litigate on my behalf when my decisions were influenced by resentment. I would loose the case and I would loose a lot of money. You insisted, insisted, again and again that I take the best possible decision: “Get your money first”. GOLDEN WORDS. How much money did you save me by pulling me out of a legal case that I would definitively loose? – I would say at least

$200 hundred thousand dollars and I hope that you like my letter. I wrote it from my heart. Please, let me know when you are available to celebrate the happy end of my legal troubles in a restaurant of your choice. I also invite the firm who are brilliant at paying attention at the smallest details and trying to predict what kind of trouble they could bring me a lot of my health, time etc. Without you, Adam, I would never sell my property at the price that I got.

Thanks to you, Adam, another part of my profit came from other attorney at the firm. After studying my documents they found that I had a very rare combination of legal situations, and if I use it properly, it would save me somewhat around $10 thousand dollars in taxes, and it would be a perfectly legal maneuver. So we did it.

Sincerely yours,

Valentina Phillips



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