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“It Feels like More Than Work, It Feels like a Family.” – Law Clerk

My name is Mickel Anthony, I am a Law Clerk, and I have been working with you guys for six months now.

What I enjoy most about working here is, you’re not strictly working here just to work to earn money. You learn little things as you go. For example, if I was sent to go out to pick up a picture, or mail or something it always follows with a history of the mail or the post office so I learn as I go, and I like that because it’s not strictly based work. You learn as you go.

The type of work that I’ve been doing here is mostly research or administrative tasks. For example, I would go to the post office, like I said before, and drop off mail and I get to learn how the system works. I would also go online and get to download some documents so I can scan them and send them, and that’s really cool because I didn’t know that it works like that, so I learn the system as I go.

I’ve worked on a lot of projects. I worked on the deed project. In the deed project, we had to go around the office and write a summary about each deed, as you can see on the walls there are many deeds. I think there are over forty-something deeds in this office. Each little deed has a background history. Some of them tie back to England and some of them tie back to the United States of America. I also worked on mini tasks, tasks to download court documents, print them, and file documents. That’s really interesting because as you go you learn things. You learn how to put them in ARTA, you learn how to categorize them and I think that’s a really interesting life lesson to learn because as I go on to mature and get a job, I have experience and I know what to do. I’m not a fish out of water.

There’s a lot. Well, when I first came here there’s a story that follows it. When I first came here I’m not going to lie I was scared, I was like “Oh my gosh, I’m in this fancy building, I don’t know what to do. I’m scared. I’m not going to last.” But you know, everyone was welcoming. So, as crazy as it sounds my greatest accomplishment was to use the copy machine because I struggled with it at first. I was like, “What, how do you use this thing?!” You know, it took me about a week to use it and I gained the confidence, from that little aspect of something I gained the confidence that I can do anything that I put my mind too. So after accomplishing how to use that copier after a whole week, it took me a whole week, I learned that I can do anything. So, I feel more confident and I’m not so shy as a person anymore. Before I came here, I was a shy person. If somebody was in the room, I was not going to say the first word but now I feel that I have the confidence to ask how to do stuff, a question doesn’t hurt.

Well for one, seeing Mr. Adam walk around the firm every day is something that you know, it stands out to me because as you walk into most offices you don’t see many bosses interacting with their workers. You just see the boss in his office all of the time. Mr. Adam is the type of boss that he’ll come and ask you, “how is school,” “how are you doing?” little fine things, as busy as he is. I really appreciate that because it really makes me feel like oh man, I matter here, he really cares. It makes me also look at him like one day I really want to be like him, I want to be as successful as him. It’s a goal for me, it’s like a challenge if I could be half as successful as him or even more successful growing, and going on in my future I will be very happy.

Well, like Mr. Adam told me, work hard. You can’t also be shy. Me, when I first started here I was a shy person, but then everyone reaches out to you, asking “do you understand what you’re doing,” and you’re shy to say no. As you learn in this office, there’s no judgment, if you don’t know how to do something everybody over here can try to help you. It’s like one for all and all for one. That’s something that I really love, it felt like more than work, it felt like a family, like a group and I like that.

Yes, definitely, yes, yes.

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