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“Once the Decisions Are Made, Its Done.”

What legal problems did you have that made you seek the services of Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C.?

The legal problems that we had that the Sponsor from our building, a brand new building, on the beach at Rockaway, was having difficulty completing the building and there were a lot of problems that were construction problems that we could not get them to agree to fix or to agree to even admit that their project was in default. So, that was basically the problem and today we signed the settlement.

How did you choose to come to Adam Leitman Bailey to deal with this problem?

Well, Adam’s reputation is quite known and we had already tried before with another attorney, and it didn’t really work out and we wanted more action in somebody that had the power to go after the Sponsor that was lacking in work and just get it done.

Describe your experience working with Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C.?

Working with [redacted] was fantastic. She’s really personal and wonderful, wonderful person. She really likes to be involved with a client. She has come to our meetings; she has gone to the building. She has met with building owners. She had presented and explained the case to everybody so that everybody was aware of it. Our building is very involved and is a very small building. Only 26 units of which 23 are in use. The other three (3) are not purchased yet. They belong to the Sponsor so the unit owners are very very close and they want information all the time so [redacted] really explains very very comfortable and very easy and very simple the process that we have to go through so it’s really great.

What did Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. do to assist you?

One of the most important things that Adam’s company did is really to explain what were the choices that we had. The building doesn’t have a lot of money and it is a brand new building. There is not that many building owners so the funds are not that big for like say an extensive law suit. So the settlement was really one of the choices and you know we tried to do something fast in the beginning and try to see if we could get to an agreement and as it turns out we are happy with the results.

What were the results that Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. got for you?

The result is that we agreed with the Sponsor. We are actually in very good terms with the Sponsor. We met many times with the Board, with the Sponsor, and the attorneys together. We found a way in talking to them and resolving the issues and coming to the attorneys and this was a great recommendation so that we can actually feel like we don’t have any pressure dealing with the settlement and I think that the result is that I believe that everything we needed or wanted to be done is in the settlement and its on its way to being done.

Are you satisfied with how Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. handled your matter?

I am extremely satisfied and its such a difference I noticed between Adam’s company and the other attorney, for instance, that didn’t read the information, was late all the time. Everything in Adam’s office was by the book. I mean, the paperwork is ready, everybody is on time, the phone calls are getting returned right away. The emails get returned. They waste no time…its really extremely professional. In my profession, we actually are very scrutinized so we also have to be professional like that so I really understand how you have to be a difference to the client and the client’s number one (1) and that’s how Adam’s office treats us, like were “Number One.”

How were we different from the opposing counsel if you compared the styles that other law firms offer?

The difference between the two counsels, I think the most important thing is that all the paperwork and all the information is studied in Adam’s office very well and there is no going back. Once the decisions are made, its done. What I noticed from the other counsel is that there were decisions made and then later on they would change their mind and then we have to go back to the drawing table sort of speak. So, I do like…like in my profession I do like when I make a decision that’s the final decision and then we move on. I don’t like to linger and go around. I like to make sure that everything is understood and studied so when I make the decision I don’t have to go back and re-study it.

What other services does Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. provide for this alone?

As part of this settlement, we actually had to do a few liens on our permits in the building because, unfortunately, we had some storm “Sandy” both in the building and the owners stopped paying their common charges and so we had to do that. The Sponsor was one of the Unit Owners that stopped paying the common charges and we were very successful and we are actually getting a check for the common charges.

So we are not representing the Board as General Counsel?

Yeah. We are using Adam’s office for General Counsel, however, we don’t have anything all pressing right now. Its just on board but not…once the settlement is done is done and we just signed. We don’t’ have anything coming up, hopefully.

Were you affected by Hurricane Sandy and, if so, how was Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. been there to help you?

The building was very affected by the storm, by Sandy. The building is on the edge of what use to be the boardwalk and now its actually on the sand. The ocean went right through our lobby through our building so all the interior structure had to be redone and we are still in conversations with FEMA, SPA to get a loan which was approved. We are still in conversations with our insurance company. Monies has still not fully come in. One of the things that helped having Adam’s office is that we actually have to go back to some unit owners that stopped paying their common charges. Some people didn’t understand that just because you cannot use your apartment its no reason not to pay the common charges because that is how they fix the building so, you know, I explain it as best as I could, and when they just didn’t listen, we just went to Adam’s office and, you know there is a lien on those apartments that don’t pay.

Would you recommend Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. to other people who have Real Estate legal problems?

I would strongly recommend Adam’s office for any real estate problems. I think the professionalism is really great. The staff is good. The manpower is fantastic and I think that if you have a problem that is going to require very immediate action and fast action – it’s a great firm because you have the entire infrastructure to commit to the project quickly.

Do we have your permission to post this on our website? Yes, you have my permission.

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