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“Adam was extremely persuasive in getting both parties to agree it wasn’t in their best interests to see the case to litigation.”

Warun Kumar, President, Board of Directors, Condominium Association

How has Mr. Adam Leitman Bailey helped you?

Adam has helped me purchased a lot down at Tribeca and what was attractive about the situation was I was actually working with another counsel who was a real estate attorney and we had gotten to a point where the developer and myself didn’t have exactly a meeting of the minds as to the construction that was done and we engaged Adam to step in and resolve the situation. Prior to Adam’s involvement, we were heading down the road of litigation and Adam was extremely persuasive in getting both parties to agree that it wasn’t in their best interest to really see this go to litigation and what was attractive for me was that Adam was able to step in, be convincing about the points that we had to offer without really jeopardizing our situation and having the issue be resolved without it being an expensive legal process and for me that was very attractive.

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