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Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. Extern Testimonial Compilation 2020

James Mishan

I have to say that the opportunity to have one foot in each department, one in transactional, one in litigation really afforded me the opportunity to see the real estate transaction in its entirety and its complexity and also afforded me the opportunity t pinpoint the issues that may arise and how these issues might litigated so I could really see everything from start to finish nuts and bolts. The firm certainty exceeded my expectations. Obviously going in to any new environment can be difficult to acclimate to but the attorneys that I worked with were beyond accommodating and incredibly open and communicative. Working for Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. and really being able to take advantage of all of this knowledge, information, all the opportunities to learn and grow. Its not something you can get anywhere and the quality of the work that you’re going to do is unrivaled.

Alissa Kerr

So externing at Adam Leitman Bailey was a great experience. I had the opportunity to work with several different attorneys. There’s an open door policy and they all encourage you to ask questions. The attorneys really value your opinion and at no point did I feel like I was pushed aside because I was an extern. I was treated the same as a partner, an attorney, or any other member of the firm. The externship definitely exceeded my expectations. Here the attorneys really care about you. They care about the work you’re doing. You know you’re doing quality work, you’re getting real legal experience and you’re doing it at the same caliber as the attorneys. So for me it was beyond my expectations for an externship. One thing I learned from working at Adam Leitman Bailey is resilience. Especially with the COVID 19 outbreak it was said out that business is back and has discouraged a lot of employers and that’s the opposite of what’s happening at this firm. Everyone’s coming together working hard for their clients really pushing the limits and I think it speaks volumes about the firm itself because its what you can do when times are tough that really shows your strength.

Gabrielle Hain

The day to day life at the firm as an extern was really fantastic because right form day one they try to incorporate you and make you feel like you’re a part of the firm. Its also really great because a majority of the attorneys have started as externs so they really understand the point you’re at in regards to the learning process and everyone really tries to give you as valuable of assignment as they can and really great feedback. The cure of the firm has also been fantastic, everyone was really friendly and they really try to include you right off the bat and that was something that was really beneficial. What really sets the firm apart in my eyes is the fact that so many of the attorneys started in the exact same place I am and they’ve grown up with the firm and this is where they learned and were trained so everyone is extremely dedicated to the practice and they understand what externs are going through which makes it a much more meaningful experience.

Catherine Read

I really enjoy how welcoming the attorneys have been and how friendly everyone is. There’s an open door policy here and you really feel comfortable going into anyone’s office and asking questions, revising cases with them. Everyone is always very willing to discuss what’s going on with them on a daily basis. They really are experts in the real estate field and I think it would be really beneficial just to go into their offices and discuss what they’re doing as well as network with them,. They’re all very friendly and willing to help you out.

Lindsey Hess

What I enjoyed most about the firm is honestly the people I work with. Everyone has been so kind and everyone is always willing to answer any questions I have. I think what makes this firm unique s that it is so specialized in real estate. There are so many more aspects of real estate than I thought there were before and its really unique that this firm only does real estate and was able to delve into these issues.

Patrick Marshall

It is a firm that is very new but very well established. It very well known in the real estate litigation sphere. But its still new because it can still adapt to modern day. The biggest take away is being able to have real life work experience that you can apply to not only your classes but your future career.

Michelle Brown

Everyone in the office is very encouraging, and everyone is like a family which makes coming to work exciting and just a happy place to be. I also really enjoyed the work that I get to do because I am able to draft a lot of litigation documents that I normally would not be able to do in a classroom. I think what sets the firm apart from other firms is the company culture. All of the attorneys are very willing to help and they clearly want externs and summer associates to learn. Everyone is like a family.

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