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“He provided for me… what I would refer to as bedside manner.”

Adam Leitman Bailey represented me on some ongoing litigation which started some years ago and brought it to a successful resolution. I first consulted here with John M. Desiderio and then he introduced me to Colin E. Kaufman, counsel here. My case initially had to do with real estate transaction which initially started back in 2006 and it was a very very long and drawn out litigation. Colin and I had many many conversations about this case. I was, of course, extremely familiar with my case since I have been dealing with it for a number of years and knew my case inside and out. A tremendous amount of case preparation had to do with Adam’s information which really did not matter at the trial at all. Colin’s approach was to define our presentation to the highest content as possible. That concerned me in one respect because I know that sometimes judges are interested in the story, however, I think his decision was wise one. Colin’s expectation is truly excellent, I mean, Colin is someone who knows the law inside and out. I was very confident in receiving his advice although we disagree from time to time concerning strategy, I knew that he knew the law extremely well and that he would be always arguing our case based on the law itself. As far as the other side, I thought they were extremely competent although I think they misapplied the law but I think they were extremely competent. Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. was a very good listener and he provided for me at one point what I would refer to as “bedside manner,” his bedside manner because he showed up at trial one day and it was a very low point in the way how I was feeling about things so he was very very supportive and kind and that meant a great deal to me. We lost the case with the previous attorney although I liked him very very much on a personal level. It was a difficult decision for me. It was one that I didn’t want to make, in fact, but I felt I needed to do something to change things up so I was very very very reluctant to make the change and I really feel that I needed to change things up at the time. I was very concerned about the other side’s counsel meaning it was a much larger team and that’s what worried me early on in terms of who I had previously. My previous attorney was centered as a one man shop someone that I had been involved with for many many years and trusted. I wanted a bigger firm and a firm with a little bit more broader experience and I came to this firm recommended by an attorney I dealt with at transactional a number of years ago. I was pleased with the written work very much. I would have liked it if we could have had more space in which to write however I was advised by Colin that I was limited to a number of pages and I think in terms of given the limitations I think we did extremely well in presenting that case. It has been a very long road for me. I appreciate everything that everyone here has done for me.

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