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“This Team Was Extremely Diligent in Follow-Up and Follow Through with Exactly What Our Needs Were”

Bob Bonne, Condominium Association President

I was President of the 610 Union Avenue Condo Association for the past four years and at the time, I have taken on the responsibility of the Condo Association. We discovered that we had a number of structural defects and operational issues that needed to be taken care of by the developer. There were several structural defects and the major one’s were the elevators were not properly fitted and set correctly and they had to go through some massive repair, aligning them, because of having issues with people getting stuck on the elevator and having to do with weight issues as well as the massive one was the parking spaces that are down below that were just structurally and architecturally defective and could not be used for anything because of just the way the driveway and the space that was a lot of confusion on the parking spaces was created. But they assisted us with providing us the most economical direction as to how to move forward with the least amount of cost associated with that. Essentially, we are a 19 unit building. We had a number of units that have been either in foreclosure or in short sale due to the economy so therefore it has a significant impact on the revenue for us and obviously we needed to work out the situation where the developer who is unresponsive to our direct contact with them and we needed an attorney that was going to help us with that and Adam’s group allowed us to make the most economical decision based on our options on listings provided and that was going through the Attorney General and going through the more of the brass root efforts on our side to develop a complaint and Adam’s team worked with us to facilitate that complaint through the Attorney General’s office. John Desiderio and [redacted] were very instrumental. Obviously ALB, P.C. was the primary source of our information and communication and she remained in amazing communication with us throughout the entire process. It was a lengthy two year process in which the Attorney General had transition many times to different associate attorney generals and ALB, P.C. had really kept up with assuring that our complaint was heard and it was being processed. What they provided us was again…they provided us with the communication finally with the developer for getting a final sum of initial response and also getting the attention of the Attorney General to allow us to plea our case according to them indicating that the facts were, in the building, were substantial and worthy of some sort of compensation or some sort of resolution to the issues that we’ve had. A lot of all the issues have been resolved with obviously the exception of the structural defect of the parking spaces at this point, we will be eventually just checking with that into storage but for the most part it is just mainly just trying to resolve all of the issues and resolving the relationship with the developer who had ownership still within the community and also not paying the charges associated with that. I mean again the work, the team…I mean this team was extremely again diligent in finding us options, follow-up and follow through with exactly what our needs were…I immediately reacted to our decisions when it was necessary to make the appropriate decisions and actions and again continue to really follow up with both the developer and the Attorney General where appropriate and again when we were able to come to a final conclusion and resolution they were immediately responsive to getting all of the paperwork and transfer of documents available and ready for transition. I talked to a number of buildings in the area and in the Brooklyn area community that have these significant issues and they have not seen the results as we have with the lawyers and/or the attorney firms that they have been dealing with – – actually I was talking to someone last night about our issue and its quite surprising that they are probably about the same size but the Attorney General would not even look at their complaints and I think it was just the issue of Adam’s influence and again reputation with the community that allowed us to move forward with our complaint and just to ensure that the complaint that we had processed it allowed and again that we had created was thorough as well that it was presented to the Attorney General. For most again, this seems to be a continuing struggle with new buildings within the Brooklyn area and I am not sure about the Manhattan area but obviously within this community that I live in and all of the other new developments that I’ve just heard just constant concerns and issues that people have with that and I would strongly recommend that they reach out to Adam’s group and really identify whether that the opportunities that your team can provide would probably provide them with the most benefit for the…I wouldn’t say the most economic cost but again the best direction that they can with the situation.

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