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“They Directed Me in the Right Way to Settle This.”

I’m a managing member of Summit Assets, LLC in NY. I had an issue with open of my locations, the management agent did not let me into the building, and they caused me a lot of grief and issues for my contractor to do work on my sub lease space. I came to Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. to represent me. they were very helpful, they did a phenomenal job, and we settled the case after a few months, and I’m happy.

Q. Who worked on your case?            

Originally it was Adam, and then the case was assigned to Christopher. We sued the agent of the building and the landlord and the sub landlord for interfering with the code of the lease assignment, to operate my business and right away they stepped up and took steps to sue them to make this happen with the settlement.

Q.Was your case handled in a timely manner?

I would say, yes, it was a short period of time. After they told me this would be my best bet, direct me not to go to court, to spend years in court and legal fees and all that, they directed me the right way.

Q. Are you satisfied with your results?

Perfect, 100%. I would recommend this firm to all of my friends, business people, people that I do business with that have any issues to help us settle the case or sue or get satisfaction on whatever they’re supposed to get.

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