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“We Customize Our Customer Service to the Needs of Our Client.”

Carolyn Rualo, Attorney at Law, shares her experiences working at Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C.

Hi, I’m Carolyn Rualo. I’m an associate here at Adam Leitman Bailey P.C.. I’ve been  with the firm now since February 2007, and over the years I’ve learned so much. I decided to make this testimonial in order to send a message to prospective clients and aspiring employees about what it is like to establish a relationship with this firm.

Q. What is the experience for clients like at Adam Leitman Bailey P.C.?

A.  Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. clients enjoy our commitment to the utmost of customer service, it is not uncommon for attorneys or support staff to reply to a client’s question or request via email, text message or voice call, to reply during obscure hours of the day and night. It’s not uncommon for an Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. attorney or a support staff person to reply on a weekend. We customize our customer service to the needs of our client.

Q. What is the key to success at Adam Leitman Bailey P.C.? 

A. The key is quick response. While we have a longstanding commitment to returning calls and emails within twenty-four hours, often  the real estate industry does not give you the luxury of that twenty-four  hour response time, so more often than not, I find that my clients need a response from me within hours, even minutes even and our commitment to customer service drives me to deliver that kind of timely service.

Q. What is Adam Leitman Bailey P.C.’s commitment to service?

A. It is often the case that a client needs your help within hours, often within minutes and that is something that our firm is committed to delivering. We are committed to our clients in a way that I have not seen exhibited by other firms. The most important quality of our employees, and this quality is embedded in our employees through training, through experiencing, and through upward management. Once we are trained, and we understand the effect of this commitment to customer service, we see results, and those results come in the form of returned clients. It comes in the form of thank you letters from our clients, and thank you calls from our clients. My greatest professional successes come when a client says thank you for reaching a result efficiently, for not spending hours and hours of time on an issue that was not important in the grand scheme of things and that takes foresight, and that foresight comes from the training that my upward management has given to me, my upward partners, the partners I have worked for for nearly a decade now.

Q. How has the firm developed during your time here?

A. Physically it has grown in numbers. Professionally we have over the years acquired the experts in the various fields, whether it be in the Supreme Court Litigation Group, or in the Appellate group, we have acquired experts and I think that’s a major milestone in terms of growth for the firm.

Q. What sets Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. apart from any other firm?

A .Being a real estate law firm that has attorneys that specialize in the different practice areas that compose real estate law here in NYC, you have available to you resources, rather than a firm where everybody does everything  or everybody practices all areas of real estate. Here you end up having experts in a certain niche area, and for me, being in the Landlord Tenant Group, it’s really valuable, because I’ll often have clients who will ask me about a title issue or a transactional issue and instead of me having to hit the books, and do the research myself, which obviously is more costly to clients, I can just pick up the phone or send an email and get answers to those niche questions quickly, without having to expend necessary resources.

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