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“They Saved My Home, They Saved My Lease. They Provided Me with the Protection I Needed.”

Could you briefly explain the situation or problem that led you to seek legal help? You can be as general or specific as you are comfortable with?

Thanks. Well, the legal problem…I have lived in this building for 40 years. And, until three years ago, it was owned and operated by New York Life Insurance Company and my residence here was totally uneventful. Three years ago it was converted into a condominium by two very very aggressive real estate mix. They made plans to demolish much of the building and to consolidate a large number of apartments and put a tremendous amount of pressure on people like me who are rent stabilized to leave. Those who were not threatened with high increases were still subject to legal actions on specious grounds what, you know, we call strike suits and many of the elderly tenants who are rent stabilized would panic when they saw these things and just leave. I resisted. I fended off four lawsuits and wind up with six month abatements in each of those four lawsuits. That turned their strategy towards breaking my lease rather than troubling me about annoyances under the lease itself. And when I was confronted with their petition to cancel my lease, this was a far more demanding legal procedure than I can possibly handle myself or with Danny Finkelstein who was friend and mentor of Adam Bailey and as a result he suggested that I speak to Adam Bailey about it and he picked it up from there.

What were your first impressions of Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C?

Excellent. Excellent.

So generally, what did Adam Leitman Bailey, PC do for you?

Well, they saved my home. They saved my lease and they provided me with the protection that I needed.

How long have you lived in your current apartment?

I have lived in this apartment for twenty years and I have lived in the building like I said for forty.

What did you think of Adam Leitman Bailey, PC settlement strategies?

I really can’t comment on that because I wasn’t party to any of them. Although I did receive a number of up and back statements from either Christopher Halligan or Dov Trieman so I was kept current on where we stood but I can’t comment on that.

So other than Dov Trieman and Christopher Halligan, what other attorneys did you work with in the firm and what are your feelings toward each of them?

Carolyn Rualo was excellent. She did much of the state work and I found her to be helpful and cooperative and prompt in returning calls and e-mails. I worked with Jeff Metz towards the end with our appeal. My contact with him was brief but it was professional and I found his work to be excellent. I also worked with Dov, as you know and I think Dov is outstanding. He is almost like a rabbinical talmudic scholar. He knows just about everything that there is to know and he is very precisive in his use of language. He made a big impression on me.

Any last comments you wanted to add before we end?

No, my only comments would be that I think everybody did a wonderful job. They certainly kept me current and informed of what was going on and what to anticipate and were very frank and straightforward with answering of my questions.

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