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“Who wouldn’t be happy with free money? He doesn’t give up and he’s also extremely creative. He had great tactics and was able to rally the troops.” – L.M. and A.P.

And what is your affiliation to 668 Riverside Drive?

Well I was, or I have been, I was a renter for the building for 9 years, I moved into that building in 2000. (girl)

Yes and I moved in about 3 years ago. (guy)

And what did Adam Leitman Bailey P.C. do for you?

Initially I know we enlisted the services of him for, we wanted to try and get our landlord to make some repairs and maintenance around the building, and it was being um, the building was being let go, we were making complaints, trying to get repairs done, and a lot of the apartments were in great disrepair, and hadn’t been fixed or renovated in a very, very long time. So we decided as a collective to enlist his services to see if we could try to get the landlord to actually do something, to force him to make some maintenance and repairs around the building.(girl)

It was great he was great, he saved us probably close to 45,000 dollars at the end of the day, when we finally bought the apartment. And we got some really quick action and we’re just really pleased with all the service, it was great, he did a really excellent job. (guy)

And were you happy with the settlement?


Absolutely. (guy)

Yes we were, it was great. (girl)

Who wouldn’t be happy with free money? (both laugh).

Very, very true….and How was Adam Leitman Bailey P.C.’s settlement strategies?

Very effective. (guy)

Very effective…and you know he, I mean he’s tenacious, and I think that’s one of the best things you can say about him. You know he doesn’t give up and he’s also extremely creative. We were on the Sun newspaper, you know that was a first we were in that, and was just, he had great tactics about how to deal with our landlord, and the landlord, and you know the building that we were sort of trying to work through. He did a great job, and just sort of a lot of ideas and just very experienced. (girl)

He was a good motivator too. (guy)

Good motivator. (girl)

Able to rally a troops if you will, in a way that brought us to a really successful agreement when it came time to buy the apartments.

Yea. (girl)

And how did you meet the firm?

I think it was through a committee. We set up a 668 tenant’s association , and they interviewed several firms for the position, and Adam was the one that won it. (girl)

And who did you work with at the firm?

We worked with Carolyn, and Adam directly actually, he was the first person we met, and that was I think when we were all impressed, because of his knowledge and particularly his experience in dealing with this type of litigation. And then the firm actually handled our entire closing for us. We were out of town and we gave her power of attorney, and she was excellent. (girl)

Flawless. (guy)

Flawless. (girl) Always available for contact, always got back to you immediately, and then just handled the whole thing just superbly. (girl)

She answered email questions faster than anybody. Any lawyer…..(girl interrupts)(even faster than a phone call)….any doctor, it was…(girl interrupts) (she was great)…. It was really attentive.

Ok, and what were your first impressions when you first came in?

Nice building. (guy)

Yea of course impressive, it was a very impressive building, it’s impressive offices, it shows that it’s, it shows success, which means that you are usually in the hands of somebody who knows what they’re doing, and obviously very good at doing it.

And everyone is very friendly here too. (guy).

Very friendly, yes. (girl)

It’s a very friendly office. (guy)

And what do you think the firm’s bets qualities were in assisting to your needs?

This list is very long, you know I would say that availability was big for us. And feeling like you were in good hands, very confidant, it seems like a very confident law office. (guy)

And a competent (girl)

Confident and competent and available. (guy)

Would you recommend Adam Leitman Bailey P.C. to others?

Absolutely. (girl)

Absolutely. (guy)

He represented us extremely well and you know what we were thrilled with the result. (girl)

Yea. (guy)

Any last comments/suggestions before we finish?

No I don’t think so, I think that covers it. I would heartedly recommend this law firm to anybody who needs a law firm. (guy)

Definitely. (girl)

Yea. (guy)

Ok, and do we have your permission to post this on our website?

Go ahead. (laughs)

You bet. (laughs)

Thank you.

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