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“Never a Doubt They Wouldn’t Get Things Done”

What is your affiliation to 668 Riverside Drive?

I have been a tenant for over ten years in the building and brought my apartment because the building has been converted to a condo.

What did [Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C.] do for you?

A group of tenants that were pretty determined to buy our apartments hired a lawyer to represent us as a group. In particular, because we had some issues with the landlord who wasn’t really very quick in making repairs sometimes and we just wanted to make sure everything gets done before we buy it and, so, with the lawyer….there are two things…first of all, we were pretty determined to buy it and wanted to improve the state of the building and therefore the landlord knowing that we had a lawyer started to take us serious from the beginning and he also wanted to make sure that not only the buyers but also some tenants who might not be able to buy or not have the intention to buy wanted improvements done to the apartments and Adam definitely pushed those issues through because things happened faster than usual and I think before the conversion finally happened a lot of the repairs got done.

Were you happy with the overall outcome?

Definitely, because the other reason why we wanted a lawyer is also to negotiate prices with the landlord. The first offer the landlord made was a little bit too high and definitely not appropriate for the steps of some of the apartments and with a lawyer like Adam and the bank we were able to get a lot lower prices than if we would have probably gotten if we were to communicate directly with the landlord. As I said, he started to take us more seriously and the overall outcome was pretty impressive because we were able to buy our own apartments. I think in some cases about 50% under market value.

Who did you work with in the firm here?

I worked mostly with [redacted] who was my closing attorney and she was pretty much the only person I worked with. I saw Adam at meetings but I did not have any direct contact with him.

So, mainly with [redacted]?                


What were your first impressions? Of the firm or anyone in particular? Of the firm and if you want to go into detail of anybody else you are more than welcome to.

Well, first impression of Adam is that he definitely seems to know what he is doing and he has been doing this for awhile. Defending tenants rights against the landlords and also he seems to be very knowledgeable about everything in real estate so there was never a doubt that he wouldn’t get things done. In terms of the firm, I mean I was only here once to sign the purchasing agreement. I can only say that it is not a very stiff law firm. You walk in and the receptionist is very casual, dresses casual and you see that you are definitely not in a stiff firm environment.

What do you think what was the firm’s best qualities in assisting to your needs?

Well, it was very convenient because we had a lawyer who represents the tenants as a group but also offered to be our closing attorney and so it was a very easy process because we didn’t have to go around shopping anymore for attorneys.

Would you recommend Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. to others?              

Definitely. It was a very pleasant collaboration.

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