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Condominium & Cooperative Representation Highlight Video

John David Shkolnik- Board Member: When you really, really need somebody to do the work, and not just hold your hand, but be your partner in the process, this is the firm where I would go.

Steve McGarry- President of NYC Condominium Association: They negotiated an amazing settlement. It was good, in fact, that the opposing counsel was reluctant to include the settlement terms in the court documents. The attorney was effusive in his praise of the negotiation tactics of Adam Leitman Bailey. I would obviously recommend anybody who comes into disputes like this to use Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C..

Omar Yousif: Adam was great. He came to us, he has a fantastic reputation. He assured us that he can help us without going into litigation and if we do, we would get more than we could ever imagine. That’s essentially what he did.

Steve McGarry- President of NYC Condominium  Association- It’s a great firm, personable people, easy to work with, and very prompt in returning phone calls.

Richard Taub- Condominium President: These guys, resurrected the case from the dead. The case, in fact, had been closed by the Attorney General’s office, Leni used her connections, and her expertise with the Attorney General’s office to get them to reconsider looking at our case. They agreed to reopen the case, and Leni pursued it vigorously  to a very successful conclusion.

Gennady Rothberg: Would I recommend Adam Bailey? Yes absolutely. He managed to help us get more money than we ever thought we would get.

Richard Taub: Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C.  is incredibly professional, highly effective firm and I would highly recommend their services to anyone who needs effective condo/co-op representation. It’s a great law firm and I’m very happy we retained.

Omar Yousif: I highly recommend him, he knows how to be a bulldog with the folks that you deal with when youre out there trying to face litigation and a lawsuit.

John David Shkolnik: Having a firm like Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. on call, constantly responsive, is invaluable. In these modern times we expect instant results, we expect instant information, instant results, instant advice. We’ve dealt with different lawyers before and I’ve never had this. These guys are all organically connected to all of these electronic devices that they need in order to get back to you right away. This is special and they actually do it.

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