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“Everybody feels like they’re working toward a common goal” – Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. Testimonial

My name is Luke Tyler and I’m the digital marketing intern for the firm and I joined this past summer and I did a summer internship and currently now I’m a sophomore at Seton Hall University

One of the things I loved about the firm is that you are able to talk to anybody and it doesn’t matter what position their in. If you want to speak to a partner you’re given the opportunity to do that and you’re given the chance to always connect with other people.

This is definitely a valuable place to work because it’ll put your skills to the test and it’ll allow you to grow your skills more as a professional

Some of my day to day work included looking over analytics or designing promotional materials. It was never really set in stone, but I had a variety of experiences throughout my day to day.

One of the most exiting projects I worked on was working on the back end of websites with WordPress and building more on my technical knowledge.

One thing that I think is unique about this firm is that everybody here feels like they’re working toward a common goal, which is the success of the firm and when you have that group focus it builds a really strong community.

Some advice I would give other interns looking for an experience here is definitely stepping out of your comfort zone and speaking with new people and even if you don’t work under that person just interact with them and see how they’re doing.

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