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“It’s a very collaborative working environment”

Josh Filsoof and I’m a summer associate here at Adam Leitman Bailey. I started as an extern in the spring, so I’ve been working here for eight months.

What I most enjoy about working here is the people. All the attorneys are fantastic. They’re really helpful. They’re really fun to work with as a whole. Just working here with everyone is great. It’s a very collaborative work environment I find. You really can just go to anyone for anything. If you have a problem, like I remember some of the other attorneys were having a problem with trust estates issues. So we just went over to the trusts estates lawyer and got help really quick. So it’s a really collaborative and friendly work environment, I think.

I think my writing style has improve tremendously just from writing memos after memos and research assignments and everything else. My article got published last semester with Adam and another attorney working here. So I just got published, which is great. It was so nice to put in all that effort and then finally see it result in something, so that was great.

My advice is to get as much work as you can. All the lawyers here are incredibly friendly, so if you just go to them and ask for assignments, they’ll be happy to give you something and give you tons of feedback, so just go and try as much as possible and get to know as many people as possible.


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