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“I cannot complain, no one can do it better.” – Saied Soleimani, Real Estate Developer

My name is Saied Soleimani and I’m a developer in the five boroughs of Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn. About ten years go we finished a 5 story building in the Bronx, and we took advantage of the 421A-tax break. We hired a company, as usual, to take care of all the applications. We rented the apartment building with sixteen units and modified the use of it for a non-profit organization where they house people that are in process of divorce and are being battered by their husbands. We were told by our attorneys and firms we worked with, that the non-profit organization suites in the category of 421. The building was finished in 2007, here comes 2017. To my state of shock, the company forgot, despite the money that they got for finishing up the applications. We got a letter from finance department in January 2017 that we are on the verge of losing our benefits if we do not comply and get our tax benefits completed which had a deadline by January of 2018. The benefit would be dismantled if we don’t present our final 421A application.

After discussing with my daughter who at the term was spending time to be a lawyer, she told us to come to Adam Leitman.

Dov and Carolyn

When we were discussing, Dov gave us the direction on how to apply again to make sure the benefits were there. We were recommended on how to approach them, so we signed all of the documentation. Finally, it was in May or June that they denied our application. Carolyn decided with Dov that we should try a different approach to 421A and we proved to them that we spent $250K to modify the building at the time, to show that the building was signed with a lease for ten years. We gave them all of the information. They asked for the copy of the lease, a copy of the non-profit organization of the organization. They had the registration, IDM, all of this stuff. Finally, we were waiting, August, September, October passing by. Carolyn was so unbelievably after the case every week. She would call them, send them emails – it was the most amazing legal firm that I had picked. I don’t regret and I really appreciate the way she handled it. She did such a beautiful, she was so calm, so understandable, explaining every time what the situations are, how she’s going to do it and when she’s going to call them again. She told me, “be relaxed we cant pressure these guys,” and it was the most amazing adventure that I went through. Even though I lost weight I am still fat. This was my experience with Adam Leitman, it was beautiful. I really appreciate Dov and both of them, Ms. Rualo and I don’t know how to appreciate and thank them.

They did a perfect perfect perfect job. They did it so uniquely and so calmly. Without hesitation, they pursued every aspect of it and they had worked their time. They gave me a lot of confidence and not even for a second did I think I would change my legal firm. They did it perfectly, I have no complaints, no one can do it better.

Absolutely, I’ve done it already and I’ll do it for sure.

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