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“I had a brilliant lawyer, Adam Bailey, who cared about me, who fought for me, who left no stone unturned for me.” – L.R.

Laara Raynier, Tenant

Today is the greatest day of my life because the best lawyer in the world Adam Leitman Bailey – – I just won my case. My case has been going on for three years and three months. I got an eviction notice three years May 2006 so that’s three years and three months ago and I live in this great apartment on the ground floor on the lower East Side. Its 700 square foot loft with a garden and they were trying to evict me and it wasn’t just any landlord, it was the richest landlord in New York City worth hundreds of millions of dollars and I WON. Yeah…I won with the help of the greatest lawyer Adam Leitman Bailey and today we went to court and it was the third hearing that we had and they said we’re done. They said we want to end this now because we know we can’t win and I won – – she lost and I won and I beat her with all of her hundreds of millions of dollars, all her properties, all her entourage…me…Laara Raynier won because I had Adam Leitman Bailey and if you are looking at this video and are thinking about getting a lawyer don’t even hesitate – don’t walk — run over to Adam Leitman Bailey’s office at 120 Broadway in New York City, New York. The greatest city in the world with the greatest Real Estate Lawyer ever and if you ever want to call me I am sure they will pass you my phone number because I can’t tell you how relieved I am to think that I get to stay in the apartment that I have lived in for the past nineteen years in the area that I love that I have become a part of, the lower East Side, and I get to stay there because I had a brilliant lawyer like Adam Bailey who cared about me, who fought for me, who left no stone unturned for me, who did whatever it took to win my case and to make me feel secure and to make me feel loved and to make feel cared about and to make me feel like the winner that I am right now today. Thank you.

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