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“He’s the best lawyer in the whole world because he was so kind.” – Pura and Stephanie, Homeowner

Can you please state your names?

My name is Pura Maria..
My name is Stephanie…
Pura: She is my daughter

Can you explain your legal situation and what lead you to Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C.?

What happen was that I brought a house and it was sold to me and somebody else at the same time so we both were in the same title and another lawyer recommended me to Mr. Bailey.

What did Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. did for you?

What happened was my case was unique. Mr. Bailey told me at that time that maybe once in a lawyer’s lifetime that will happen. It was so unique and scared to me because I spent all of my family’s savings so the house we had to go to Supreme Court to decide who was going to get the house and Mr. Bailey was so nice as a person, not only as a lawyer, as a person. He started doing the work without…I didn’t have the money to go on with the case because I didn’t have no more money and I spent all the money in the house and he was kind enough to start the case and did all the work without me paying a single penny on him and he was so supportive and I don’t think that there is any other lawyer that would do for somebody that he doesn’t know… a favor like that…. and it was my health, all the monies that I had and it was everything there in that place and I believe that he was the best lawyer because it wasn’t just only the money and first he was helping me out without money and I couldn’t end paying him what he did. We won the case. I had so much gratitude for him all that he has done…all the things he did for me. He saved my house and he inspired my daughter to become a lawyer. Now, she is going to law school.

Adam Bailey inspired me to become a lawyer because doing the case for my mother he came down to the house and he was going through the evacuation process in my house and he tried to include me in his project. I really liked it and ever since then I want to be become a lawyer.

Where are you going to law school?

Well, right now, I am in John Jay College for Criminal Justice.

Do you know how your side won the case or do you know what Adam’s strategy was?

What happened was that the other side they lied…they were lying. My name was on the title with a date…one day before that they had their…. I don’t know what happened that both of our names it was on the title. It was a matter of hours…that’s what he said “it only happens once in a lawyer’s lifetime” so the court wanted to know whether the other party knew that I was buying the house because I started paying a lien that the house had and paying all the taxes and back taxes and everything so that we can go on with the sell of the house and when he had everything cleared, I paid the liens, the liens on the house, I paid the taxes, the back taxes, then he proceeded to sell me the house and sell it at the same time to somebody else that he had…so the other party knew that I was buying the house because they went to my office and I told one of them that I brought the house so they continued and they proceeded to do whatever they were doing and the court want to know whether if they knew that I was buying the house and we proved because they were lying. They said, first of the lady, it was two party, the guy and its friend. The friend said that she paid $50,000.00 and that he paid $100,000.00 and Mr. Bailey was asking the questions, trying to find out where she had the money and she said in the bank and she didn’t want to give the name of the bank and she didn’t want to provide any record so Mr. Bailey said I want to see this statement from five years long – back to see if you had the money as you say that you paid and it wasn’t true. She never had any money in the bank because she was on welfare and then…you know…when they start asking questions that she stated that when Mr. Bailey asked her when she was told that I was buying the house she said I didn’t have to tell him because he was there that even his lawyer was hold his head ….and said that was good, so it was very critical because you know everything depended on finding the truth from them.

When did this take place?

This took place in 2001.

Are you still living in that same house?

Yes, we are. I have my office in the ground floor and I live on the first floor and we have a picture of Mr. Bailey in my office. He is the best lawyer in the whole world not because he was so kind and I am sure he is kind and brilliant but very kind. We want to say thank you to Adam Bailey because we have a home. He will always be my lawyer.

Do we have your permission to post this on our website?

Yes you do.

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