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“I do believe here, we have a unique team and a unique depth of experience…”

My name is David Smith, I’ve been with the firm about I guess three and a half years at this point I work in the Supreme Court litigation department, I’m a trial lawyer the cases I mainly handle are a lot of them relate to mortgage fraud on some level, we represent a lot of major lenders, insurance companies, sometimes we represent property owners, a lot of the cases pertain to allegations of fraud so essentially what I’m called upon to do is litigate those cases and if necessary take those cases to trail, so those cases are also in both state and federal court and they deal with a wide range of issues as well, some of those relate to a person who is trying to discharge a loan from a bank, a loan that should be duly paid, and many times they’re engaging in some form of fraud, so a part of that during the litigation phase, sometimes prelitigation we will engage in an investigation and I’m called upon to do that ass well. What I enjoy most about working at the firm, really is that we’re small enough, we’re about 23 lawyers we’re small enough so that we all help each other and we’re all connected to each other so if one department has an issue that relates to my expertise, they can walk into my office and I can address it, everyone’s really a brain trust really to gather here and everyone’s really accessible, and that benefits the client a great deal because if the client has an issue where it relates to for example it relates to a foreclosure issue, iwi ill speak to the expert in our foreclosure department, in the same right if the foreclosure people have an issue that needs a litigator and a trial lawyer to step in they will contact me if they need an investigation they will contact me and everyone here that works in their field is generally an expert into that field , is very experienced in it, has see most of the issues before and so are able to address those not only effectively in a cost efficient way because there’s so much experience in such a close group.

The people here are not only accessible but receptive when you have a request and at any point in time if I do have an issue with one of my cases and I need someone to assist right away, everyone here is always very responsible and everyone here is very nice. Just generally its one of those things there’s nice people here to work with who are also good at what they do, which makes it pleasant to go to work in the morning, especially when you’re going into work with nice people. The uniqueness of the firm comes from the people, people here I think that Adam is a very good he’s very good at a lot of things, one of the things he’s very good at , I believe I compare it sports analogies to a base ball manager, he selects people to work here who will compliment each other, and will provide the most value to clients what makes it unique there are people here who work together in a team, and many times people will say that they have a good team who works together, id o believe that here we have a unique team and a unique depth of experience in the law and just generally in the background of people who are here there are very interesting people how are here, ex military, john was a marine, Colin was also in the military as well. And we have people from different backgrounds I myself am from the mid west, um which isn’t necessarily a very background, but it does make me somewhat unique here believe it or not, but I will say that on the whole we have a unique time and a unique amount of experience, and I think its very effective when it all comes together.

I probably say that its tough to say that there are a lot of good law firms that are out there, here we focus on a particular area of the law which I think that also makes us much more valuable than other law firms, I think there are some law firms that focus on a lot of different areas they’re spread across various fields, and if you combine that with personal attention and generally we know the judges, and we know who they are, we know what their decisions are we’ve read their decisions they’ve seen our faces in the court room and generally when they hear our name there’s an expectation of professionalism, effective representation, and there’s kind of this expectation or knowledge that the action being taken by our client or the defense of our client is being taken are being taken in good faith. Are being taken in good faith and also that there merited out position, its especially important in representation by nature what we do is represent a person or an entity and we’re representing that person or the entity’s behalf.

We are the mouthpiece for them in every away. And that’s something that if you or someone does hire us, we will effectively represent no their behalf, and I think there’s a lot of people who say effective representation but we really do provide that, and I think that that sets us apart from the other firms who can’t offer that. My best effect to them would be to do your research and if you’re person who’s prepared to work hard a person who’s not afraid of challenges, of unique cases sometimes issues of first impression, if you are not afraid of that and can handle high pressure and be realistic with yourself if you want to be hired here you have to meet a certain expectation a certain standard and that standards high, its high because we think that our clients deserve it and know your gonna be asked to provide it every single day every time you walk through the doors its gonna be challenging and it’ll also be very rewarding for you because of that if you do your research and you look into some of the decisions and representation s we’ve provided I think you’ll find that it was very good and this is a place that you will thrive in if your willing to do that.

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