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“What you’re doing holds a lot of weight. The attorneys value your input and your work.”

I am a rising 3L at New York Law School and I am currently a summer associate in the litigation department.

I think the most valuable thing you can get out of working at Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. is the fact that all of the attorneys are so collaborative. Basically, every attorney here you can’t tell the difference between the partners, the senior associates, the younger associates and you can basically walk into their door at any time and ask them any question that you have about anything – any case that you’re working on or anything that you’re doing for them. It’s basically an open door policy at this firm and the most important thing about that is not only are you doing very, very good work, and you’re working on some of the most influential real estate cases in New York City, you’re also learning as you go. The attorneys, they have basically a desire to put out their best work and also teach the younger attorneys, the interns and externs, and the summer associates about what’s going on in each case to make sure they’re learning not only the relevant law but also learning about the procedure and everything that goes into it.

I’ve worked on a wide array of different types of projects whether it be research, drafting motions, drafting memorandums that eventually go out to clients or to go out to the attorneys about my evaluation, analysis of different types of cases. Basically, I do everything that an attorney would do. As far as my proudest accomplishment here, it’s basically every time I’m given an assignment I’m taught about what I need to do. The attorneys teach me everything about the case and basically put the ball in my court to put out my best work. I guess the proudest accomplishment then, I can’t really narrow it down to one, it’s putting forth my best efforts in all of the assignments I’m assigned and see that all of the fruits of my labor, all of the hours I put into drafting motions and conducting research, it’s seeing that work actually go into the finished product. It’s seeing the attorney’s take that work that I give to them, reviewing it, and actually putting it into the finished product. It’s a very good feeling to see that what you’re doing actually holds weight and that the attorneys value your input and your work.

The most unique aspect of Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. is like I said before the fact that all of the attorneys are so collaborative. Not only are you working on the cases like I said, you’re also learning as you go. At other firms, you don’t really get that experience because it’s more so you get assigned work and you are completely on your own to do whatever you think that needs to be done. Here you get work and not only are you learning about everything surrounding the case, learning about the clients, learning about the relevant laws and everything that applies to what you’re doing, you’re also learning as you go; learning to draft and working with the attorneys to ensure you’re doing your work but also learning as well.

Other advice that I could give to other interns, law students looking to join this firm basically would be to ensure that, know that you are able too always put your best efforts into everything you do. Every piece of work you submit you have to look back at and say, “this is the best possible work I could have submitted, bar none.” You need to be willing to work because there’s always a lot of work. The summer associates, the externs, the interns here they’re always very busy but that’s good because not only are you doing the work, you’re also learning. It helps you build your reputation and your ability up as an attorney but also as a student. You learn about the law and everything that goes into it and like I said, the most important thing is to be willing to learn and know you’re putting forth your best foot and your best work at all times.

Yeah, I think when I was an extern here back from January to the end of April I learned a lot. It was supplemented with my schools externship program so I was able to come here three days a week, work 12-15 hours a week, and not only learn about real estate which is something I didn’t really know much about coming into the externship program, but I was able to actually learn about the practical application of law in a very sophisticated, professional law office setting which is something you don’t really get in law school. So, as far as the externship program I had an invaluable experience and decided to come back as a summer associate because my experience was so great.

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