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“Any email I sent was answered immediately, any call was answered immediately.”

Anna Pastoressa, President, Cooperative Corporation on the Lower East Side

And what has Adam Leitman Bailey P.C. done for you?

Well Adam has helped our co-op, I am the president of our co-op, and we have had a long lasting, I would say negotiation, with an organization who was occupying the unit in our co-op. And we had negotiated for almost 30 years, with this organization, and we couldn’t get anywhere. I insisted on going for a litigation, because 25 years of negotiation, is not, I mean it’s ridiculous I would say, and when I pressured the board to enter into litigation, we hired Adam Leitman Bailey and he guided us into the litigation and how to proceed. I followed all his advice and I would say that today I feel like we won.

Ok great, and what could you say happened in the beginning and then right afterwards, like a step by step process?

The step by step process, is that Adam, even though we entered into litigation, Adam advised me to try to negotiate, and the good thing is when you do it with an attorney and you do it through the court, it works. What we were doing before, we were negotiating at a table, with this organization, we were not doing it officially, so they were taking advantage of us. They wanted more money and more money and more money to settle the argument. And the more we were offering it the more they were demanding, and it was all done informally I would say. So when we hired Adam, he insisted that we continue the negotiations. But because it was through the courts, because we were guided by him, and because we had the courts behind all of this, it was a good way to proceed, and so we did negotiate, we didn’t push for trial immediately, so we went slowly thought the whole process, and if we didn’t settle we would have had to go to trial which is something we didn’t wish, and our um, the defendants didn’t wish either, so we ended up not going to trial, which is good.

Ok and what was the best thing, in your opinion, that the firm has done for you?

I am very happy and pleased with the firm, there is not a specific thing that I can say is better than the other, because the firm has everybody here, you know, we can, I can ask for advice, there are different attorneys, so everyone of them has a different expertise, and so I felt that any question I had, I could ask. The great thing was that any email I sent was answered immediately, any call was answered immediately. I had experience in the past with other attorneys, and you can call the law firm, you can wait and wait for an answer, but they do not call you back immediately. I would have been happy with a day, 24 hours, to get an answer, but with Adam Leitman Bailey’s firm I got an answer sometimes like a minute later, or a few seconds later, which is incredible.

And would you recommend Adam Leitman Bailey P.C. to others?

Definitely I will.

And lastly do we have permission to put this on our website?

Yes you do. I would like to add that the greatest thing of the litigation of this settlement is that whenever we were negotiating with this group of people, in the past, we had offered them 200% more than we are settling today for, and this was like 5 years ago, so 5 years ago, we were ready to give them so much more money than they ended up getting today, so I feel like this is a win. The whole board, the whole co-op is happy because we would have had to give them so much more, but their greed was so bad that the more we were offering them the more they wanted, instead of coming down to meet us they were going higher and higher and higher, and we were ready to give them 200% more. Today I feel that it was a great win and Adam was able to get them much much less then we were going to give them 5 years ago, and we are very very happy about that. Thank you.

Thank you.

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