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“We wanted one-stop shopping, we didn’t want to have to go to this firm for one thing, another firm for another thing, we wanted a firm”

Our corporation date back to 1960, and some of them from 1985. Rachel has brought them into the 21st century where it’s not listed as telegram and tele-ex, but we’re up to texts and emails for notification for the corporate offices. So she’s brought us to the 21st century, out of the dark ages, well not the dark ages but the 20th century.

You’re the president of the board of directors, correct?


And Rachel worked with them to amend the foundation of the co-op documents?


We weren’t happy with our counsel, the corporation. So, we formed a committee to search for a new attorney. That committee interviewed several firms, and several principals of firms and came up with ALB- Adam was the winner. So, we took them on about four years ago. We wanted one-stop shopping, we didn’t want to have to go to this firm for one thing, another firm for another thing, we wanted a firm. We’ve had a lot of single person attorneys, a lot of single person firms or partnership. Somebody goes on vacation, someone gets sick, and then the wheels fall off the bus. We wanted a firm that we could rely on, that’s why we went with ALB.

We got a new mortgage, we had a fire, and we’ve had to change insurance firms, and a couple of evictions. So, we’ve used the firm in many different ways and I’ve gotten familiar with many different people’s names.

Rachel Sigmund is our current associate, and Rachel gets it. It’s all about customer service. No one calls up their attorney Monday morning to talk about the football scores, they usually have an issue that needs to be resolved right away and she gets it. Usually, if I have something on a Monday I have an answer by Wednesday. So like I said, it’s customer service, she gets it, and that’s why we’re still with them after all of these years.

I’ve always had 100% positive results with ALB. I’ve gone to other seminars in my association and it says when you have a dog bite the dog wins. Well, I’ve had a dog bite, and I won. I’ve always won with ALB.

I don’t know what to expect because I am a layman, I’m not in the field so as long as I keep getting winning results, I’m happy.

Yes, if I put an email out Monday I either have an answer Monday evening or first thing that Tuesday morning. I’ve had great response like I said it’s about customer service and everyone at this firm that I’ve dealt with gets it.

Yes, I would. I would recommend ALB to anyone in my real estate association that I’m a member of.

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