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“They Are One of the Top Real Estate Firms in Manhattan.”

A: My name is Alicia Langone, I am from Princeton, NJ and I am a second year law student at New York law school.

Q: What was your role here at ALB PC?

A: I am a legal extern for the Spring 2015 semester.

Q: How did you apply to ALB PC?

A: Well, I researched on Google for top Real Estate Law Firms and I scrolled up through a bunch, came to ALB, and lucky enough for me there was a program through my school. So I was able to directly apply through the school program.

Q: Why did you chose ALB PC?

A: I chose ALB PC because they are one of the top real estate firms in Manhattan, they’ve won numerous rewards and I really wanted to get some experience here.

Q: What are your career goals?

A: I hope to gain a job in the real estate field, ideally real estate firm doing some time of transactional work. If not that, perhaps the business field.

Q: Did your work here reflect on your career goals?

A: I’ve done numerous types of real estate work here and it really made me feel like I had a running start here into the real estate field if I am lucky enough to get a position.

Q: Who did you work with at ALB PC?

A: I worked with almost everybody at the firm actually. But predominantly I worked with Colin.

Q: What kind of projects did you work on?

A: So, Adam had me work on easement and eminent domain issue. I’ve done other kinds of research and memo writing for him. I also prepared CLE materials for CLE that he did in Manhattan. I’ve done bench memos and interoffice memos for Colin in litigation section of the firm. I’ve done assignments of mortgages with Jackie, I’ve done motion writing with Jamie.. I’ve done a lot of stuff.

Q: What kind of skills have you gained from working at ALB PC?

A: I’ve definitely strengthen my research and writing skills here, and I’ve also learned how to draft a lot of different types of real estate documents and legal documents like, you know, motions and bench memos, because I’m not exposed to that in law school. So, I mean, really, it was advantageous to be able to work with these partners closely here.

Q: Do you have any suggestions to future interns?

A: I would suggest just putting yourself out there and letting the firm know you are here because there’s always work here and you can get a vast array of, you know, documents and stuff to work on from everybody here. It’s a great, great opportunity.

The firm is really, really friendly. Everybody is personable and I think any intern would be lucky enough to get a position.

Q: Thank you.

A: No problem.

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