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Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. Philosophy

John M. Desiderio discusses the Firm’s Philosophy.

“Anyone who knows Adam, anyone who follows the firm and sees our newsletters or anything else, and the amount of interviews that Adam gives on TV and New York Times and so forth, knows that Adam is always out there, looking for business obviously, new clients. But he wants to press the envelope, he is not afraid of taking on a challenge – and I don’t think — he best basically the philosophy of the firm.

All of the partners that I’ve mentioned and the younger partners who have grown up in the firm — we have two outstanding women partners who became partners about a year ago – but they’ve been with the firm five or six years. The work they do is tremendous.. But the point is, everybody here is not afraid to do challenging legal – litigation. We don’t do cookie cutter work. Clients come to us that have unusual problems, problems that are complex and that require a lot of intellectual – I guess you would call it – brainstorming: what are the best things we can do for this client, what are the things in the law that may have not been used before that we can use for this client. How can we convince a judge that our client has been wronged and the law should work in his favor not against him.

Well, there are many firms and many attorneys that do that, there are others that sherk away from hard type of cases. Cases that may take a little bit longer to take to complete, cases that require a lot more, let’s call it, legal sweat equity to really understand, to discover the key to a case that’s going to make it win or lose.”

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