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“After seeing you in action in the courtroom… he moved to settle the next afternoon.” R.L., Attorney & Former Tenant

January 3, 2000

Dear Adam:

It is hard to imagine that a guy I met at a holiday party in 1998 would turn out to be someone who has done so much for me. Not only did you turn out to be a terrific running partner and a true friend, you have been a real advocate for me and the people I have referred to you.

My experience with Adam the attorney began in the early part of 1999, when my landlord, knowing I was an attorney, called me and asked if I could refer her to a real estate lawyer to help her with a tenant who refused to pay his rent. I immediately thought of you. Though I had no first hand knowledge of your legal skills, I knew that you worked hard, respected you clients and loved the law. My landlord subsequently hired you and was pleased she called to thank me and has referred a number of additional clients to you. While I am no longer her tenant, I remain in touch with her and know how much she appreciates you and all you have done for her.

Ironically, in the fall of 1999, I was put into the position of needing a real estate attorney. I was upset, frightened, frustrated, angry and hurt, to put it mildly. I looked to you for help without hesitation. I was impressed with your ability to calm my fears, and ease my frustration while remaining professional. You not only accepted my frantic phone calls at all hours with the patience of a saint, you were a tough and loyal advocate for me in the courtroom and out. In fact, the judge was so impressed by your pre-hearing arguments that he asked about the situation weeks after it had been settled out of court. Moreover, the defendant was so scared, after seeing you in action in the courtroom, that he moved to settle the next afternoon.

Please accept this letter as a taken of my appreciation for all the you have done for me and everyone I have referred to you. Thank you for being there as a friend and a lawyer.


Very truly yours,

R. L.


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