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“Very Approachable… a Competent, Well-Rounded Firm”

Kim McHale, Attorney and Member, NMP Group

Nicole: Okay, so let’s begin by asking how you found Adam Leitman Bailey P.C.

Kim: I got Adam’s name from my suitemate who I was working collaboratively with in connection with a large real estate project.

Nicole: Okay. And the firm recently won two cases for you.

Kim: Yes they did.

Nicole: We would like you to go into detail, as much detail or as little detail as you want, and describe to potential clients what kind of case it was; what Adam Leitman Bailey did for you.

Kim: Okay. We represent the interests of an international real estate developer, and actually we represent the interests of a lot of international real estate developers —this particular interest, she acquired three projects in Manhattan and unfortunately, the premises were currently occupied. One of the premises were occupied by illegal tenants. They were located in a commercial building and we employed Adam to help us evict the illegal residential tenants from the commercial building.

Nicole: Was there ever a time during when you were working with Adam Leitman Bailey that you didn’t think things were what they should be, or you were dissatisfied?

Kim: No, actually quite the contrary. In connection with the eviction of the residential tenants, his advice was dead-on. His advice actually led to us saving a significant amount of money in connection with tenant buyouts in that it was an illegal tenancy and unfortunately the residents were being taken advantage of by the person who had illegally sublet out the commercial premises, and he actually caused us to save a great deal of money.

Nicole: So then it’s safe to say that you’re satisfied with the end result?

Kim: Very happy, very happy in connection with the eviction of the individuals and then also with the removal of a cell phone antenna which was located on the top of another one of the parcels that we had acquired.

Nicole: Speaking more generally, if you had to use a few key words, how would you describe the law firm, as a whole?

Kim: Very professional, I would describe them to be very capable of what they are doing; their advice from the beginning to the end was dead on. The associates were very approachable, the partners were very approachable, I would speak with them as I would speak with a friend, you know, I would speak with them on a first name basis, they were always accessible when I called them they pick up their own phones and everyone made it very easy.

Nicole: Is there anything else that you would add to tell potential future customers about the firm, who are thinking about hiring?

Kim: I would really strongly recommend Adam’s firm to anybody that would have a landlord-tenant or a real property issue in that having been first with somebody else before I found Adam, I was using somebody else and I have to tell you, from personal experience, it ended up costing us more money not going to what I would consider to be a more competent, well-rounded firm because they didn’t get their filing done right, they didn’t get their affidavits of service in properly, and every month costs your investors a lot of money so every month delay is big money, and, you know, when you’re not dealing with someone that is on their game, it ends up costing you a lot more in the end run.

Nicole: Great, that’s it, thank you very much.

Kim: Okay.

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