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“Adam Leitman Bailey’s legal eagles kept costs down while delivering the results we needed to enjoy our homes peacefully.”

November 2nd, 2007

Dear Mr. Bailey,

The unit owners of our newly constructed condominium moved into a building with major structural problems, including a badly built roof that leaked. In addition, among other things, the building had inadequately sealed window sills that caused drafts and leakage; construction clogged sewage pipes that caused flooding, property damage, and mold and mildew; an HVAC system that did not provide adequate heat in Wintertime; and walls with only a single layer of sheet rock between units in violation of the fire code.

Our demands for the builder to fix and repair the building went unanswered. We were forced to hire a law fir to attempt to force the builder to hive us the homes we were promised. And Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. delivered. After meetings with the builder resulted in empty promises and a band-aid approach to serious issues, Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. commenced a lawsuit on our behalf. Only after significant victories and when the developer realized that a complete loss was imminent, did the builder, architect and contractor agree to settle the case by paying, directly to the condo, the amount of money needed to fix the building, and to provide the additional work necessary to repair the roof.

Adam Leitman Bailey’s legal eagles kept costs down while delivering the results we needed enjoy our homes peacefully.

Very truly yours,

Trevis Orr


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