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“[Adam Leitman Bailey’s] large staff, modern office facilities and expert team of highly motivated professionals is a welcome relief for us who have paid so much for inadequate services and has so much at stake.”

To whom it may concern:

My name is Michael Shenker. I am a 20 year resident of a building located on Manhattan’s Lower East Side (LES). Recently our building along with 10 other LES buildings were deeded by The City of New York to UHAB and it became essential that we (the residents) find the very best legal council.

I am happy to say that now Adam Leitman Bailey is our lawyer, but we were not always so fortunate.

When we first started looking for a lawyer we were inexperienced and did not know how to evaluate possible lawyers. At first we thought we should look for lawyers who “specialize” in HDFC/Co-op law (our buildings are supposed to become HDFC/Co-op’s. But after a series of bad choices and experiences we decided to look outside the narrow world of HDFC law and that’s when we found Adam Leitman Bailey, expert Real Estate attorney.

The first lawyer that we (all 11 Lower East Side buildings) hired was [redacted]. He was supposed to be the expert on HDFC law and indeed he knew a lot about it, however, soon we had to let him go. His initial presentation to us was impressive but his actions on our behalf were totally inadequate, perhaps even harmful. His lackluster involvement in our negotiations with UHAB left many of us feeling like we didn’t even have a lawyer, furthermore, many of us were uncomfortable with his long-time close relationship with the director of UHAB.

The next lawyer that some of our buildings hired was [redacted], another lawyer who also specializes in HDFC law. Again she, like [redacted], spoke eloquently during her initial interview with us but again, like with [redacted], her follow-up was lacking. After a few months we let her go as well. (Point of information, today, one of the Lower East Side buildings still retains her). It was then that we found Adam Leitman Bailey.

We were referred to Adam by a person on my block that lives in a Co-op. Adam represents that building and today they are doing great. They are maximizing revenue generating potential which helps to cover operational costs an keeps their monthly maintenance fees low. Adam has helped them secure their equity ensuring their financial investment.

Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. had what is required to serve our needs. His large staff, modern office facilities and expert team of highly motivated professionals is a welcome relief for us who have paid so much for inadequate services and has so much at stake. Adam has been there for us every step of the way. Because of the quality of the research, analysis, negotiations. And his willingness to defend our rights, Adam is now our lawyer.

He has been able to organize 10 buildings and over 180 apartments. His firm has enabled us to use our power in numbers to achieve difficult goals. Although we have very different interests, under Adam we work as one unit. He has been able to help us understand our goals and interests and has protected not only our individual ownership rights but our futures by making sure our children and heirs are protected. He has been able to uncover financial information and opportunities to benefit our building and always has our building’s best interests in mind and our dream of full home ownership. He has helped us work together to negotiate complex agreements. Our prior counsel asked us to sign a document which would have been a financial nightmare and did not protect our unique needs. Adam continues to work with each building, building a better organization, providing quality legal services and caring about us as if we are part of his family.

With Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. as our attorneys, I believe that we have the very best legal council that we can possibly have. Every homeowner association should have the good fortune of having Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. on their team.


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