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“The biggest bulldog in the fight you can find” – Adam, America’s General Counsel, Discusses Adam Leitman Bailey

If I were to recommend Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. to another sponsor/developer, I would say that very few of us, if any of us, want to find ourselves in the position of a litigation or a dispute with those who are really there to serve. Even worst than that is finding yourself in a situation of actually going through a long and drawn out, expensive litigation. The best way to avoid that, once you’ve actually been pulled into the dispute is to have the biggest bulldog that you can find in the fight. That’s Adam and his team.

By taking that initial step, you’re going a long way doing yourself a great service to making sure that you don’t find yourself going through steps ten, eleven, twelve, so on and so forth. Ensured I would say the greatest advice I can give to a sponsor/developer who finds themselves in the seat of entering a potential litigation is to engage Adam and his team to ensure you don’t see a day in court.

We started our relationship with Adam as being our legal counsel. Throughout the process Adam has not only become a trusted advisor to the company, but has has become a mentor, counselor, and quite honestly, a friend to myself personally. I’ve worked with plenty other attorneys in the city. I’ve worked for plenty other attorneys in the city. The organic relationship I’ve developed with Adam over the years is certainly something I don’t take for granted and quite honestly cherish.

[Adam and myself] we’ve had some time to play tennis together. I’ve been to Adam’s house out East as well, spent some time with his family. I think that really generates itself from Adam’s genuine care for his clients not only in the office, not only in the courtroom, but outside of it as well. He makes sure that things are flowing properly and to make sure that his clients are happy and living a good, fruitful, happy life. I think he tends to take the extra steps when he can. For me personally, it has really come through.

I speak with Adam all the time. My wife even jokes about “ALB, ALB” we have our Adam Leitman Bailey mugs that we start our days off with every day. She’s like “How’s your boy ALB doing? How’s your buddy Adam doing?” He’s actually become part of our routine conversation and I don’t think I would’ve ever expected that to happen when we engaged Adam and his team.

In addition to everything else he has done for us, in addition to the great legal representation, in addition to all the great counseling and advice he has given to us, we’ve been able to take that relationship one or two steps further outside the office. I feel very fortunate to be genuinely able to say that. Just some added things to knowing that Adam the attorney is getting to know Adam the person as well.

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