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“They go above and beyond to help me and my clients.” – Julie Teitel, Senior Mortgage Loan Officer and Client for over 26 years

I met Adam Bailey in the beginning of my career in 1991.I’m a mortgage banker and Adam is a realstate attorney. I believe it’s been a long time, butI think we met on a deal and we basically grew up together doing real estate in New York and can you tell me.

I  have known Adam Leitman Bailey for the past 26 years. It has been amazing. I rely on his firm to do my bank closings. They do everything from A to Z they take care of all the problems. My clients love, love working with them as well as myself and my staff we find their law firm to be fabulous to work with and very accommodating

I would describe Adam and his firm as convenient, brilliant, and accommodating. The firm has a great background in real estate in New York. If ever I have a legal question I can go to Adam Bailey’s firm.

They always have the answer, and if they don’t, then they will look it up for you. They are very accommodating, even if it’s not part of their job they’ll go above and beyond to help me and my clients out.

They handle most of my bank closings. My client has wanted to come the same day, and my bank was able to accommodate them. Adam’s firm was able to accommodate my bank and the client. If I had called them the same day, they would make the closing happen even if it wasn’t in the city. They would travel, and they have been able to close loans.

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