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Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. 2018 Client Highlights

Thankfully, [they] came in on white horses and did a great job. [They] out lawyered the other side.

I decided to ask around for additional references and I was referred to this law firm and it was the best thing that ever happened for this case. It really was.

We had worked with them and knew what they were like so we came back and we needed help from them and certainly they stepped up to the plate.

We weren’t happy with our counsel corporation, so we called the committee to search for an attorney. The committee interviewed several firms and several principals of firms and came up with ALB, Adam was the one.

We sat down with Christopher at first, which I had previously worked with so it was definitely a good start.

I first met Adam about 6 years ago through our wives who are friends and he helped us initially through our residential co-op and then finally a few years later I wanted to open an office in Manhattan and I approached Adam to discuss the process and he really helped me along the way and held my hand along the way to make the process as smooth as it could possibly be.

We should have just stuck with who we knew who has helped us before because with the tenant evictions and everything, Christopher Halligan was amazing working with me through all of that and as you can imagine we had HPD involved, we had construction involved having to fix all of these things and he worked step by step with me and certainly that’s what happened here. They basically hold your hand through it all, which we needed.

I came highly referred from another attorney and so I met with Adam and we stuck it out for the last four or five years and he did a great job.

He kept telling me please try our firm, Rosemary’s the best and my first transaction with Rosemary was amazing and has been great ever since then.

We wanted one stop shopping. We didn’t want to go to this firm for one thing and another firm for another thing. We wanted a firm. We’ve had a a lot of single person attorneys, you know single person firms, if somebody goes on vacation or somebody gets sick then the wheels fall off the bus. We wanted a firm that we could rely on and that’s why we went with ALB.

I worked with two assistants mainly, Adam Leitman Bailey and Andrew Jorges, who was mostly quarterbacking the closing, and even though we had some trials and tribulations before the closing we taxed the property and everyone stayed calm luckily and we got the job done. Certainly through the years, and it has been years since he’s been doing this, he has stepped up his game.

Rachel Sigmund was our account associate and Rachel gets it. Its all about customer service because no one calls up their attorney on Monday morning to talk about the football scores, they usually have an issue that needs to be resolved right away and she gets it. Usually if I have something on Monday I have an answer by Wednesday. Like I said, its customer service, she gets it, and that’s why were still with them after all of these years.

The customer service at Adam Leitman Bailey’s law firm is wonderful. I find that the rule of getting back to everyone within 24 hours including weekends really holds true. He was always available to either take a call or respond to a quick email.

He was assertive when he needed to be assertive. He sat back when he needed to. There were always reasons behind his strategies and he always kept us in the loop which was perfect.

He remained calm and he was fantastic through the process in keeping me calm and moving the ship along to finally get another closing done about six weeks later to complete the process.

We actually made some case law with this issue because we were able to bring in the individuals along with the sponsors and the GC because they did work after the fact and they argued to the courts with this and they won. They won against one of the other courts so we were able to proceed with the case based on the information presented.

It wasn’t just a legal process it really was a hand holding process, which took about 2 years and they were there for me every step along the way.

I deal with attorneys a lot and that lack of professionalism or even the above and beyond. You’re lucky if you even get the service you pay for. With him it was like “wow if I need someone to represent me legally he’s the first phone call I make.”

I’ve always had 100% positive results with ALB.

The lawyers at ALB PC absolutely achieved what we set out to accomplish in the beginning, which was building out a beautiful dental office in the heart of midtown Manhattan and we’ve been able to accomplish that.

That was the outcome we wanted and got there.

Above and beyond definitely.

I was highly impressed by how the firm represented me.

I’ve been using them for 15 years and knock on wood I can say I’ve never had an issue.

I absolutely recommend Adam Leitman Bailey. Great team here, very professional, kept us up to date, very strategic in what we achieved, very efficient, they know what needs to get done and how to go about it, and worked with RAND the courts and we got a great outcome. Highly recommend.

Yes I would definitely recommend Adam Leitman Bailey PC without hesitation for their exemplary service.

We’d recommend ALB to anyone in my real estate association.

We definitely would recommend him to everyone and anybody that needed as long as it was in their scope of work.

I am happy to recommend Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. to anyone who would need legal representation in the real estate world. In addition Andrew Jorges was fantastic throughout the process and I would highly recommend him with his calm, cool, and collected demeanor through the entire process

He doesn’t fool around, he’s very responsive. They know where to go and who to talk to.

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