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Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. 2015 Client Highlights

Julie Collins: First of all, I think everybody’s brilliant. It’s really extraordinary to have this many brilliant legal minds all together in one firm. I’m sure that everyone else is too, that I haven’t met. It sounds like someone could suspect that you paid me, because I can’t say enough good things about everybody. They really, there’s a lot of humanity there, it’s like they really cared about me as a person, not just the case. Obviously they wanted to win, that was always, but they’re just really beautiful people.

Stanley Vickers- President of Vickers Realty: They would arrange for times for us to get in and do work, so they’re very hands on when push comes to shove and we need stronger representation, that’s when Adam steps in.

Condominium Board President: Just to always have someone available that will respond, whether it be via email, via phone call, via meeting, via conference call, that was tremendous because it allowed us to make decisions much quicker than we otherwise would have.

Northeast & North Atlantic Strategic Planning Manager- Fortune 100 Company: We quickly engaged, Adam’s team and said where do we begin? What do we do? How do we get out of this mess?  They were so wonderful, in a matter of a day they put a team together, we tackled the landlord, we’re so thankful . Adam’s very creative, he’s also a can do. He never said there was any obstacles in the way, he just took it all in, and came back immediately, within hours. This is our plan of attack, this is what we’re going to do.

Don C- A rent stabilized tenant under threat of eviction: They were very responsive, whenever I had a question, I heard back very quickly, and as you said, it was resolved within three weeks, a month, it was relatively quick.

Stanley Vickers: In his due diligence, and the people that work in his office, we were able to resolve many issues. We’ve had a fantastic relationship with Adam and his firm ever since then. Not just a professional relationship, but it was kind of a personal relationship, that it really helped the process. It gave me confidence to go along with this process, to invest the time and money into doing this.

Julie Collins: This sounds cliché, but it’s true- he’s like a champion of the people but that feeling of having someone jump in and be available and support you when you’re really desperate is incredible, and we’re so grateful that we found them.

Steve McGarry- President, Cathedral Tower Condo: We had what we feel as a condo, a good result from Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. lawyers, [redacted], Leonard Ritz, Jeffrey Metz, all helped us, and of course Adam Leitman Bailey, always the engine, driving the machine.  The attention to detail, in our offering plan, the creative application of the law, is what helped us in our current litigation. So they’ve always been useful in helping the building, so I think we’ll definitely continue using Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. for the corporate issues surrounding the work that we do.

Paola Shaddow- General Counsel & Director of Leasing ATCO: For someone who is having  trouble, someone who is saying that they missed an issue, or are having problems with their attorney, you need to have someone that has your back, and it’s not about billing, it’s about making sure that your company runs smoothly, and that issues are handled smoothly.

Northeast & North Atlantic Strategic Planning Manager- Fortune 100 Company: A lot was dismissed, a lot of fees reduced, which really was wonderful. We never expected that, you don’t get that from a firm, you normally don’t get that. I never felt neglected in any way, they were always there, with immediate answers.

Condominium Board President: It’s on top, with some of the better firms I’ve worked with on my business side. They’re responsive, they’re available, they’re easy to reach. Everyone at the firm has been available and knowledgeable to answer the questions, with respect to people not paying their common charges, issues resulting from construction work that should be done because it’s affecting another apartment, it not being done and Adam being there to write a letter.

Don C.: I will hire you again.

Louis Sasson & Lesley Gore- Clients: I made the right choice, ladies and gentlemen, this is a great firm to come to for your closings, for your buying, for your everything. Wonderful group of young people and Adam is a tiger. I will recommend Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C..

Clients: We are very happy with the end result.

Steve McGarry: I would absolutely recommend Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. to anyone involved in real estate litigation, or just general real estate practice, because we’ve been happy for it’s been several years that we’ve been working with this firm.

Stanley Vickers: I recommend Adam to many, many people, when it comes to holdovers and things like that, or commercial litigation, with stores, I think he’s great, and I’m going to continue to use him for as long as he’s around and I’m around.

Paola Shaddow- General Counsel & Director of Leasing ATCO: When we went to look for a firm, we got a partner.

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