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“I’ve been using them for 15 years and I’ve never had any issues.”

I am a mortgage lender and my clients need bank attorneys whenever they close transactions so i needed to find a real estate attorney in New York City.

Back in 1991 Adam and I met and we went to lunch. Ever since that day he was very persistent in getting all of my real estate transactions and closings. So finally about 15 years ago I tried Adam’s firm and was very pleasantly surprised.

I worked with Rosemary. [Adam]  kept telling me please try our firm, Rosemary’s the best and my first transaction with Rosemary was amazing and has been great ever since then.

I was very surprised that…basically rosemary is so amazing and I’ve never had an issue with her and anytime there is a problem that occurred, Rosemary basically handles it. If it gets to a point where she needs my help shes great at her delivery and is very gentle in breaking some bad news to me and is always there to help find solutions so that we can resolve it and get the mortgage closed.

I’ve been using them for 15 years and knock on wood I can say I’ve never had an issue and Rosemary and her team have always, always preformed for me and have always gotten a deal closed for me or has helped me figure out a solution to be proactive in getting the mortgage closed with me.

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