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“They Really Took a Hold of the Situation in a Hands-On Way”

I had entered into a contract to purchase an apartment that for various reasons I needed to get out of. It was actually a contract and a lease. There was a dispute about whether the contract was an option to purchase or a commitment to purchase this particular apartment.

We were looking for top real estate counsel. I was working with our corporate attorneys to look for the best possible person to handle a delicate and complicated situation and after looking at several different firms and speaking with several different people we were most impressed with Adam and his team. We worked with Adam initially at first and then with John Desiderio after that in conjunction with Adam, but Adam was involved with John Desiderio and everybody was in contact at the firm and you know there was a few people involved at different points and everyone was really quite impressive.

We kind of took a carrot and stick approach where we, you know, pursued an amicable agreement and while at all times sort of maintaining the disposition of threatening legal action and Adam’s reputation for not being afraid to litigate matters and not backed down from the threat position played into it. I guess what I am trying to say is that his reputation is very helpful in resolving the matter so it really helped quite a bit. They really took a hold of the situation in a hands-on way. It was not kicked down to some junior person.

Adam himself was well aware of all the details that was going on and he again handled it by making phone calls, writing letters and threatening legal action and eventually handling the negotiations for settlement that we think really was more than we could have hoped for. We got a very good favorable settlement without having to go to court and really again what I said a minute ago much much better than we originally thought was possible, you know, we had some real challenges in our case and we made the most of the strengths and Adam and the team and John himself brought to a very very good resolution for us…very very impressive…without question 100% very satisfied.

Without hesitation, I would wholeheartedly recommend anybody with a real estate issue problem case or anything relating to that to speak to Adam and his team. From my point of view, I don’t think anybody could do better than that.

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