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Advising Condominiums, Cooperatives and Landlords on Smoking Issues Afflicting Buildings

Table of Contents

  1. Outline of Issues Concerning Smoking
  2. Letter on behalf of board to smoking tenants
  3. Letter on behalf of building to prevent smoking nuisance
  4. Letter on behalf of building where smoking is illegal in common areas
  5. Engineering report on behalf of board showing no tobacco smoke odor or need for conduct to ameliorate smoking
  6. Letter on behalf of shareholder
  7. Engineering report finding remedial work to seal penetration is necessary
  8. Blumberg lease provisions regarding smoking
  9. Lease for a rental of a condominium unit in New York
  10. Sublease of a cooperative apartment in New York
  11. Sample Cases Poyck v Bryant
  12. New York Real Property-Article 7-§235-B Warranty of Habitability
  13. Reinhard v Connaught Towers Corporation and Arthur S. Olick
  14. Ewen v Maccherone
  15. Upper East Lease Associates, LLC v Cannon
  16. East End Temple v Silverman
  17. Board of Managers of Vil. House v Frazier
  18. Condominium and Cooperative Representation
  19. Adam Leitman Bailey, Esq. biography
  20. John M. Desiderio, Esq. biography



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