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‘Real Estate Titles: The Practice Of Real Estate Law’ Webinar Hosted by Co-Editor in Chief Adam Leitman Bailey, Now Available Online

Unlock all of the ‘ins and outs’ of real estate law, produced, reviewed, and edited by an all-star collective of real estate lawyers. Real Estate Titles is an encyclopedia of real estate law expertise that is regarded as the most useful instrument in any practitioner and judges tool belt. It gives in-depth information about real estate laws in the state of New York and a unique insight into the real estate practice which will only prove useful in the field.

New York real estate attorneys and co-editors-in-chief Adam Leitman Bailey and Michael J. Berey, as well as a collective of “All-Star” New York City real estate attorneys, have written the latest edition of Real Estate Titles. Real Estate Titles is considered by most real estate attorneys as the greatest book on real estate law ever written. The book is also one of the New York State Bar Association’s best-selling books.

Co-editor in Chief Adam Leitman Bailey wrote, “For almost 100 years and 3 different editions, this has been the most important book in every real estate practitioner and judge’s library. The newest edition, edited and written in part by Adam Leitman Bailey and Michael J. Berey as well as the finest real estate practitioners in New York State have taken Real Estate Titles to new heights, giving lawyers answers to the most difficult questions while building a foundation for basic real estate practitioners, making this the State Bar’s best-selling book.”

First came the book, but now you can learn about these must-know subjects and the latest updates by the authors in person. Adam Leitman Bailey, Jean Partridge, Caroline G. Harris, Joseph Philip Forte, Laura E. Ayers, Michael J. Berey, Fredric L. Altschuler, and Michael Rikon have curated an online on-demand version of Real Estate Titles: The Practice Of Real Estate Law.

Topics on the recorded version of Real Estate Titles: The Practice Of Real Estate Law include The Nature of Title and Estates in New York Estates in New York & Deeds, Eminent Domain, Adverse Possession, Title to Land in Beds of Streets and Highways, Airspace, Air Rights and Transferable Development Rights, and Real Estate Finance & Main Street to Wall Street: The Journey to Securitization.

Visit the Real Estate Titles Book website here:

You can purchase a copy of the online on-demand version of Real Estate Titles: The Practice Of Real Estate Law at:

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