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Adam Leitman Bailey Lectures on Negotiating Laundry Room Considerations at the CNYC 32nd Annual Housing Conference

Co-ops and condos generally have laundry equipment for residents to use. They can operate these machines as an accommodation, charging just enough to maintain the equipment, or the laundry room can be a profit center. The contract you negotiate with a laundry company can include many amenities: redesigned space, state-of-the-art machines, folding tables, along with guarantees of prompt service visits. Important to the negotiation will be an understanding of the different types of agreement available. Join property manager Ellen Kornfeld and attorney Adam Leitman Bailey, author of the laundry room lease form sold by Blumberg Forms, for a detailed look at the many issues and concerns that arise relating to the laundry room. Contract terms, ‘smart cards’, repairs and replacement, hours of operation and HD detergent will all be discussed.


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